Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

You got lucky then as a result of all the crashing. It was around 8k earlier at 2:50

And world server is down before any1 even got in I think

All you solos leave Herod queue and get to Krom!

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Yall wana fix the world server issues before wasting time on new realms?


Woooooo! I just hit lvl 4, the hype is real. Cannot wait for this adventure to continue :D!

whats the que on Krom ?

Lol and kromcrush server is down!

can we fix the down servers please? pagle been down since 5 minutes after coming up

Perfect! I’ve switched to Kromcrush, now if I could only get into the world


Are the servers available now for anyone? I’m getting “World Server is Down”


Just remember we think we want it but, we dont

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world server down cant even login to the new servers

I am not getting world server is down. it’s just stuck on loading

The queue to get into Westfall is 2,500+ so any chance of opening another PVE East server?

Thank you for trying to make launch day as smooth as possible. Feels good to be wanted again doesn’t it Blizz?

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Too bad the world server is down…

TWO servers?! hahaha

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its saying world server down right one on kromcrush

I’m getting World Server Down as well

Says World Server is down.