Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

Instantly get booted from the server when creating a character on Kromcrush. Of course it happens to be the name I wanted most lol.

I assume it’s because there were already 6 PvP East and only 4 PvP West before they added this one, however they’re both showing PvP so it may be one for each.

Kromcrush World Server is already down! New server dead 2 minutes after being released hahaha


Y’all making me laugh so hard with the whining. Keep it up plox! Not like they warned us or anything :rofl:

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It’s probably down because they’re making sure it’s actually normal or pvp lol

Yes! I’ve updated the OP here.


Eastern PVP !!!

The Blue fixed it. Krom is indeed PvP East now.

Does Krom have a queue?

Need more than 1 pvp server in oce. This is a joke, they knew they were going to have a huge wait time and yet wait until they launch to add a few servers.


For real…showing as PvP which I hope it is and I got Orc Hunter-Loot and Tauren Warrior-Mini!! Finally

Eastern PVP please!

open up a few more please been stuck at 4000 and 40 minutes for an hour on incendius!!!

What happened to this new wonderful “layering” technology. No freaking reason to have these huge queues with layering.


World server is down for Kromcrush…

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if Kromcrush is PVP, is it eastern?

I literally got onto Bigglesworth with no queue, so…

I see this as well. (PVP) under realm type.

Can we get a new RP-PVP (West Coast) server? Grobb is full up and the only one.

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They edited post it is PvP!