Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

wtf good does this do now. Jesus christ. So everyone that has friends on other servers is f’d unless they can get everyone to move after some of have already leveled.


Blizzard failed

Still could use more realms the waits everywhere are huge


Hows the que for new servers? Sitting at 12.8k on herod que, not sure if I should leave my spot for a different server.

So why did you think that SEA, one of the most densly populated places on Earth, along with AUS, NZ and Pacific Islands would all fit onto a single PVP realm? Australia’s population alone is 24 million. If just 0.01% of the population of just Australia played there would be a 9k queue if 15k people could be on at one time. Grossly unprepared and incompetent, or just don’t care about the region I guess?


Why, so the server they jump to can be just as bad in an hour. These morons should have had 4x as many servers open right from the start.


Gonna check the new realms for my preferred names. If I can’t get em, I’ll just stay on Bigglesworth. Rattlegore queue is about 1.5k, for those wondering. Kurinnaxx was about 4k when I tried it and left.

Seconding all the posts in here for RP-PVP East Coast!


What happened to that cocky attitude? Seems like you guys have no clue what you are doing…


I can’t even get into Yojamba, character creation and selection works, but I get disconnected the moment I try to enter the world

Considering the number of retail OCE servers their projections were way off…

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I have been in que since 30 mins before 3pm pst my guildies are all lvl 7 8 alrdy im still 9000 in que been almost 4hours

When you get booted back to the character screen go to change realm and go back into Yojamba.

I did this on my realm and it let me right in afterwarf

rattlegore has a 12 min Q :smiley:

Geez, give Blizzard a week or so to iron things out…it’s c-c-crazy right now! The game will be around for years to come, a day or a week isnt going to ruin the game for anybody who has already been waiting years.

rattlegore pvp ?

This is the one part of classic I didn’t miss… If this doesn’t correct itself quickly you are going to ruin any good will you have for this.

“Realms that are marked full will experience extended Queues!”

Realm medium; Extended Queue
Rattlegore, made 8 minutes ago, extended queue

I have followed blizzard games for over a decade. Im still waiting for a launch where they dont experience extended queues.


West Coast PVP, yeah. Was a 5 min queue when I tried.

not more servers, that ship has sailed. just open up more l;ayers on current servers.

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