Five New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open -- Updated 5:20 p.m. PDT August 26

They are a small independent company that is new to all of this MMO stuff. They didn’t realize how popular their game would be.

can’t expect anything less from an MVP poster. So blind to the stupidity and lack of business sense not to mention customer service issues at blizz. I’d wager that this MVP program is actually blues posting and making it seem like they are normal players.

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I’m going to take that as sarcasm rofl

Think ill drop a bubble and hearth to a new realm LOL :rofl:

So, can we transfer back to Herod later if we move? Will that be a charge? I’ll gladly move if you’ll let me come back to my friends later.


11k ppl in front of me and 24 min left? yeah BS

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This is NOT directed toward the gm’s, techs, data, art, or even (some of) the dev team. Specifically as to how the disrespect from the top has treated this entire project… The player base knows where the blame goes here. Just wanted to reiterate this is NOT directed at 98% of blizzard staff.

Thank you to those who believe in this and put in true effort to make this happen to your fans. We LOVE you!


You know there will be.

I don’t mind the queue but can you fix the Estimated time so it wont go from 122 minutes to <1 to 93 to 6 to 84 to 40 and back again to over 90. Thanks

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Hear the prayers of your people down under; they cry for more Oceanic servers.


You and the entire wow team is so incompetent it is hilarious. I love seeing below industry average devs and CMs at work. Nice stock price btw.

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did rattlegore just poo the bed?

Looks like it

well my guild is still on herod, so maybe we also need to raise the caps on servers

Blizzard 0/5 stars I just wanted you to know.

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I think so i cant get on just stuck at logging into game server

I’m so embarrassed and pleased for Blizzard. First being so unprepared to launch a 15 year old game. Second, how bad is the current version if people are swarming back to old content. Really makes you wonder what WOW would have been like if they didn’t homogenize the entire game trying to keep the casuals happy. The bright side is with this launch they can learn from prior mistakes and keep some stockholders happy.

+1 OCE PvP Server please.


what about oceanic 1pvp 1pve server this is a joke not even peak time sort this out blizzard