Fist of Justice Hotfix

You guys are gonna be so mad when TD gets the nerf bat too. It’s coming…given how broken the corruption system is you’d think it would be a smart decision not to go and blow all your echoes on corruptions that are highly likely to get nerfed. Guess not.

Quoted for emphasis.

“Fixing” “bugs” by creating a blanket hotfix that reduce flat cooldown reduction from the Ineffable Truth corruption/trinkets (ra-den for instance)… huh? The word isn’t bug, you guys made an oversight that was seemingly fine until it became available on a vendor. Will the paladins, holy priests, warlocks, etc that stacked IT be able to refund all of the pieces we stacked it on? Making a retroactive change to a PURCHASED ITEM effectively making it worse is awful game design. Fixing the interaction in PVP for HOJ is totally fine but don’t make a blanket change that affects all classes utilizing this corruption. This in a real world scenero it would be like saving up to buy a car and then having the dealer come to your house at night and take one of the wheels. While you’re “balancing” PVP maybe you should take a look at demon hunters leech and flying, or any of the three shot corruptions.

Blizzard: LOL lets give Demon Hunters a RAID BOSS ability to fly around essentially making them invulnerable to melee and RANGED attacks, ALSO during this lets allow them to damage anyone below them for 75-100% of their max health, ALSO let allow them to have insane amounts of leech that allows them to heal off of all of that damage. But we’re balancing a corruption that allows you to stun multiple people a week after ppl buy it off a vendor - for PVP’s sake right blizz?

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LOL “bug.” Also we all know that it’s just going to be Fist of Justice and not Demonic Appetite or Kindling because it’s totally fine and expected for Demon Hunters and Fire Mages to be ridiculously overpowered, amirite?

Glad I didn’t waste the effort on this, Light knows you’ll decide it won’t stack with Vision of Perfection next.

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A paladin should know better than to win like that.

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Did you mean eyes of rage or demonic appetite?

I think it’s more likely that it was a bug all along, but they didn’t consider it a priority as long as very few people had more than 1-2 IT. Once it goes mainstream while still being broken AF, they can’t ignore it anymore.

Same as Infinite Rising Mists build, which I see someone else also mentioned upthread.

Actually, they do. Imagine if something was as broken as Infinite Mists and they left it alone all expansion.

Nerfing broken stuff is way better than the alternative. I’ve seen MMOs where the devs were afraid to wield the nerfbat and the results are not pretty.

interrupt a 1.5 sec G pie? lol

Sure am glad I blew all my Echoes on Ineffable Truth last week. I’ve never chosen to deliberately profit off cheesy bugs, but there was zero indication that there was a bug prior to this post.

If this is aimed at fixing a PVP imbalance, can’t you just restrict it to PVP? If not, what was the point of separating the two by having PVP-specific talents in the first place?

so you guys are giving back are echoes right?

small indie company strikes agian

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Any chance we can fix the bug where Ineffable Truth procs while it’s already up and instead of extending the current buff by 10 seconds it resets it to 10 seconds? For example if it procs right after it procs it just goes from 9 seconds back to 10 seconds. I’d be fine with making it so it doesn’t proc while it’s already up but optimally it would just add 10 seconds on to it. We have a similar problem with the VoP wings proc where if you cast wings while it is up it gets completely overwritten. Before you just would wait until the VoP wings buff finished before popping your wings but now if Ineffable Truth procs you don’t want to be caught with wings not being on CD.

I’ve got some ocean front property in Wyoming available for purchase. It’s a sweet deal, I SWEAR!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

At least in rated pvp, anyway.

All aboard the QQkachoo train.

PvP tears are only a tiny bit less salty than mythic tryhard tears.

One day people will learn though that if something seems way too good, you should not invest in keeping it that way. It is 100% your fault if you wasted all that time farming echoes to stack a very clearly broken combo.

It’s one thing if the expansion had like a month left and seasons and stuff was shut down. At that point, you’d likely see the devs shrug and just let people go nuts. Despite what people want to say otherwise, the expansion and patch is still current enough and they’re not going to leave something clearly busted for another half year.

dont break my PVE over ur PVP crap, why is there two systems for azerite and talents but not corruption??

tanks one shotting people with TD is fine tho :hugs:

You can say that about literally any balance change, that it would have been better to make it sooner. It would have been better if Prydaz hadn’t sucked on Legion launch day. It would have been better if it never required higher neck levels to unlock azerite powers on higher ilvl gear. It would have been better if EV had never gone live at its original numbers.

Those are all true, but they’re not reasons those things shouldn’t have been fixed, no matter how many people rerolled to get a different artifact or spent all their gold on EV BOEs.

Nothing the complexity of an MMO releases 100% perfect. Never has, never will. Short of demanding Blizzard do something that is literally impossible… fixing imbalances after they are discovered is better than any practical alternative.