Fist of Justice Hotfix

The enemies probably just forfeit when they see his 36k dps in heroic N’ya with 472 ilvl.

That was apparent right around the time they plagued this game with layers upon layers of RNG build into every aspect of the game. The final kick in the nuts was their “corruption vendor” that had people racing to farm echoes as fast as possible to buy the corruption they wanted, only to find out they’d either be waiting months to see it because of the rotation or it would just get nerfed.

Here I thought most would consider this a happy bonus considering they are pants on head broken in raids, pvp, and mythic+.

Anyway, it’s the end of the expansion so they really shouldn’t bother messing with it.

How have you played the game so long without understanding what baits the Blizz nerf bat? IT was 100% that.

I saw the signs.

Welp, this was it for me. I’ve been subbed almost the entire expac and this was the last straw. I spent over 150k coalescing on getting my corruptions (have one in bags and some banked echoes) and now they’re nerfing it. Less than 3 hours after I got my very first gushing wounds item, they announced they were nerfing it.

I can’t catch a break here. I’m sure that if I went through and bought strikethrough/severe they’ll nerf that within a week too. Why would anyone bother at this point? While I expected IT to be nerfed to some degree – I expected a cap to it. Not, let’s break the whole thing changing a mechanic that has existed the entire expac and call it a “bug”. Rather convenient.

This vendor being RNG as to what shows up next the first time around, the echoes grind being pretty terrible, and the fact that those of us with all our essences didn’t get echoes for months while other folks had thousands built up has made this whole thing a giant clown fiesta. This is actually comically bad at this point.

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Sure. They should have nerfed it months ago or better yet, never went live to begin with. Not arguing that. Glad you agree.

No thanks. The whole point in this game is to make your character as powerful as possible. Nerfing everything that makes you stronger into oblivion kinda negates the whole point to begin with.

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So you guys really like taking time players invested into something and just flushing it down the toilet, don’t you?

I am happy you guys have an eye on this but at the same time I’m not sure this nerf is enough. I think perhaps the right solution is not allow people to stack any more then 3 of the same type of corruption. Then that will create more diversity in game play.

Right now 3v3 games are taking days because everyone is stacking versatile to a point where we just wait for healing DR, and then healing isn’t even part of the game play. I had a game vs. a rogue go so long today that the arena client removed one of the party members for “inactivity.”. The rogue just hung out in stealth in the match, restealthed and restealthed for ever. Because it was basically a stale-mate.

If Shadowlands is going to be our saving grace due to features like corruption being removed, then why not already implement the removal of corruption at least in PvP. This would fix a big balancing issue, and save thousands more echoes from the removal of your players.


Can someone please break his down to me?

Does this mean certain abilities won’t work with ineffable truths?

Can we at the very least get a response for the question,

“Why not just remove corruption from PvP?” ?


No it just means that certain abilities were basically double dipping in CD reduction with the corruption and they’re adjusting it. Now how they’re gonna do that is the question.

“Ion is a pvper now”

I mean… sums up most of BFA.

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From the inception of using echoes as a currency and locking out people who had maxed essences from gaining them. To now, wasting people’s essences spent from purchasing corruptions and stacking them for it to only be nerfed lol… This whole implementation is lazy and a hot damn mess. Did the devs not think corruptions were massively overpowered to begin with and the only thing that remotely balanced the system, was the trash RnG we had to deal with getting them. Blizzard you really need to run some better testing on your systems before rolling them live and pi$$ing off your clients. Seems apparent there is little to no testing been done before implementing these changes nowadays…

You need to spend money to make money, and if that means hiring a few more hands to offer a quality product, it would seem the right course no???

Speaking of fixing errors on Blizzard’s part, when are they undoing demon hunters?

OpOP HD, It is not a bug but a desired thing!

How dare you!

Echo refund, please.

I almost quit having grinded so many in order to buy the IT corruptions before the next rotation. Now I feel sick.