Fist of Justice Hotfix

You know this isn’t just a paladin hotfix right?

Holy priests as mentioned above, Demon Hunters (flat CD from demonic appetite). Ineffable Truth has been out for 4 months, how are we supposed to know that the increased CD reduction isn’t intended?


Why didn’t you address this eight days ago when people were farming it? Yeah, it’s not fun to fight against, but I’d rather deal with something stupid than to watch other players just have their effort invalidated because you as developers suck at your job. EIGHT DAYS AGO MAN! EIGHT FRIGGIN DAYS AGO! You’re bringing this up after they’ve spent and farmed all the echoes??!??

Does the idea of time sensitive mean nothing to you people at all? Give everyone who bought this their echoes back… Seriously. This is such a massive oversight. You literally just dogged on so many people with this.


Just pointing out here that they should nerf mechagon trinket and drestagath trinket while at it. Also just remove corruptions from pvp.

Ok thanks.


Seriously, daddy blizzard, plz do not waste your resources on this. This is not a bug, but an exaggeration. And just after we spend entire week farming for Ineffable Truth, now you telling us this is a bug and will be fixed? Where is your fix in the last 3 months?


Have a 120 Paladin… I had 0 idea about the bug even existing.


Hey can you fix the bug that causes ineffable to lock you out for longer than normal? People getting warlock csd for 16 seconds in pvp definitely more gamebreaking than this. Also some pvp gear not being corruptable is also a huge problem.


Bug? :rofl:


Outside of excessive stacking, not affecting flat CD reductions on abilities would be more likely to be seen as a bug, since it makes the corruption way weaker than the % indicates. To use the obvious example above, holy priest:

200% IT is 20s off CDs during the buff. Cast two of your main healing spell during those 10 seconds and you’ve shaved 22s off a holy word during that time (10s base recovery + 12s from abilities), meaning “200%” IT is not even doubling your CD recovery, let alone tripling it.

This corruption is basically being dumpstered for exactly the specs that liked it, just after it was purchasable, to apparently fix a specific issue, while calling an interaction most would assume makes sense and is intended a bug.

If you really must, just nerf fist of justice or something. Please don’t include “and similar abilities”.


Can you please clarify if this hotfix will affect only the cooldown rate applied by Ineffable Truth, or will it also affect the cooldown rate applied by other similar effects?

Additionally, are you planning to hotfix specific abilities, such as Fist of Justice, or will this apply to all sources of flat cooldown reduction?

There are a significant number of interactions across many specializations that benefit from this interaction with flat cooldown reduction and cooldown recharge rates. Hotfixing all of them at once could be pretty problematic.

As an example, Fire Mages currently utilize the massive increase in cooldown rate of Fire Blast from large amounts of Haste and the Memory of Lucid Dreams essence. This allows the Hyperthread Wristwraps to grant 3 full charges of Fire Blast. If this change were to affect these sources of cooldown rate, then the Hyperthread Wristwraps would restore less than 1 charge of Fire Blast and the current Combustion rotation Fire Mages are using would change significantly.


Pretty sure the goal if someone was able to have this happen would be to HoJ multiple targets.

This x1000.

I think unless they’re affecting the cooldown reduction interaction from haste as part of the “effects that increase your cooldown rate (such as Ineffable Truth)”, I don’t think this will impact that. That seems like it would be a pretty big change.

Can you just stop trying to ‘fix’ things? The expansion is almost over. You created this dichotomy with corruption interactions that people have found ways to make interesting, and now you’re just taking it away, and for what?


Whelp, there goes my whole build I had before purchasable ineffable truth… This is far more damaging than you’d think for some people who build around something that is just straight up nuked without notice.

Perhaps just make it PVP restricted so ineffable truth can still have its value in PVE, but not be broken in PVP? I don’t understand why it’s a choice of. “Oh something’s not right? NUKE IT FOR ALL FORMS OF CONTENT!”


Seems odd that they didn’t care about this “bug” until more people got to take advantage of it. Wasn’t like it was a secret before, was it?

Maybe once they balance corruptions they’ll be willing to get rid of the annoying vendor rotation. Seems like the vendor rotation’s purpose is to give them time to fix outliers as more people stack certain corruptions so they don’t have a lot of things to fix all at once.

Is IT magnifying the amount holy words get reduced by when you cast a spell on top of speeding up their natural cooldown rate?


You think they’re going to balance corruptions now, if they didn’t bother balancing them on the PTR and in the months before the vendor was added?

In usual Blizzard fashion they’ll nerf the outliers and pretend the other broken issues don’t exist. And apparently they’re going to call them “bugs” to save face on their lack of foresight in designing the system.


This is why I just bought vers amp 3 and IT 1 corruptions but didn’t actually apply them yet. No doubt they would still be favorable for pally (I don’t see any other corruption besides the other 12% stat amps as being desirable).

All this is just typical blizz bs balancing when they introduce another system. Takes 2-3 weeks for them to work out the kinks till it manages their spreadsheets.

it’s a shame they’re fixing a bug? Or it’s a shame you’re losing the benefits of the bug?

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It’s pretty messed up that these things which have been valid for 4+ months are now being revealed as glaring oversights due to the corruption vendor and you, Blizzard, decide to go ahead and invalidate a collective thousands of hours among all players impacted. The expansion is over.

Blizzard cannot seem to get out of their own way.


Nerfing outliers is balancing them isn’t it?

It kind of makes sense that the vendor rotation only exists so there isn’t an explosion of issues with too many corruptions at once so they can focus on blasting a small number of them at a time. By the time we get through the entire rotation maybe they will then be satisfied that they’ve nerfed all the outliers and will then remove the vendor rotation so we can just get them as we get our currency.

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