Fist of Justice Hotfix

If they fix this the way they intended they’d have nerfed the living daylights out of many of the game’s DPS, and that would’ve included specs that are already on life support viability-wise.

If the only viable fix to this incredibly niche situation is to irreparably destroy about a quarter of this game’s viable specs, then that fix isn’t viable.

topkek :rofl:


well there you go folks, stop being carebears for pvp this late…

dev’s are trapped on their own nightmare they created… happy this backfired because corruptions should never make a return in any sort of system ever again.


Expected incompetence, let the stuns flow.


Will they be reverting the Rising Mists fix?

How is that any less or more unintended?


Do we also revert the gushing wound nerf because F it why not? Why nerf any of the corruptions to begin with if the attitude towards fixing them is “eh we have nothing planned”


They could just not let the proc rate scale with haste.

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Corruptions is the only thing making PvP fun and interesting right now. I came back just to play 8.3. At least there are build options and fun gear.

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Wouldn’t giving it an RPPM literally fix this?

It has an RPPM of 4. It’s just further affected by haste.

And all the lucid dreams users breathed a sigh of relief

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But will we get punished if we use HoJ on CD when IT procs?

They wont revert that because Blizzard hates monks. Now see the ineffable truth change would have hurt paladins,priests and mages. Which if you know blizzard, they will never hurt there most loved classes. They have no problem nerfing MW monks and leaving them 20%+ behind every other healer in terms of healing throughput. OR leaving the MW monk with no utility for raiding. If you play a monk be ready to be put on the back burner in terms of being balanced. WW/MW are pathetically never balanced.

Also, I’d like to mention the poor sub rogues. What are you doing when it comes to sub rogues blizzard? You’ll should be embarrassed for that disaster. Sad


Honestly the more I look at this statement the sadder it makes me. For starters this is poorly worded.

Second, setting all memes aside, is this really how we’re going to go forward with WoW? Introduce systems so broken that when faced with a challenge such as FoJ spam or any other problems with the massive haste buffs, that you just say “We decide to do nothing”?

That is something I expect of lesser companies such as Daybreak or ANet, not Blizzard.


Any chance you could fix rank 2?

lol you really don’t care about the current clown fiesta the game is do you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in such a crazy state and we’ve seen some wildly op pve gear in pvp before.


Translation: We can’t nerf mage. And our developers spent the weekend figuring out a way to nerf paladin and priest without nerfing mage. Sadly we are so incompetent that we couldn’t figure it out. So we regrettably decided to let the paladins and priests off the hook this once.

It’s ok guys Bfa is still in beta, just wait for its release and it’ll be fine.

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I mean nerfing paladins…

Ret on bottom 5 on mythic.

Holy still strong healer pvp/pve wise the only nerf would be for holy, ret is a dead horse at this point.

This is mostly for the fotm fire mages out there imagine the problems that would create if they nerfed it.

Clown fiesta is a really apt euphemism for the game right now. Just wait until the full corruption vendor cycle has gone through and everyone is stacked to the gills with their BiS corruptions…the game’s going to get completely out of hand.