"Fish in a Bucket" Updated

With a hotfix, we’ve just made the following update on all Classic Era realms, including Hardcore realms:

  • Completing “Fish in a Bucket” no longer rewards gold.

This change was originally made in patch 2.0.10 and works well in Classic Era/Hardcore, as the original quest provided an uncontested, single-faction, infinitely repeatable, low risk gold reward that does not comport with the nature of the rest of the game.

We’ll continue to monitor for situations like this one and if necessary, we’ll take further steps to promote player interactions and Classic gameplay.


I’m glad there was a rush to get this fixed but Tyrion not working for the last 3 weeks, and support articles updated to admit that, is on the backburner of things you care about.


Its insane that this was finally fixed years after it was a known thing. This was a huge issue in Classic…there were always dozens of druid bots farming here making 50 silver a turn in .

Meanwhile a 62 billion dollar company can’t detect if a player is flyhacking like the hundreds of level 10 rogues are doing in BFD.


Wow, thanks for that, Alliance has been really struggling in getting players on Classic Era and this unfair advantage to Horde has finally been fixed. I’m glad this will help drive more players to alliance and finally create a balance.

Please also address the Rune of the Guard Captain. Alliance has no similar trinket and it is an unfair advantage to Horde.

While at that, please also give alliance Warchief’s Blessing. It is unfair only horde has it.



The only technology that has had a lot of resources put into it is THE BOTS and hacks. Blizzard stop working on detection 8 years ago.

Can we just talk about the next season of mastery, or whatever you guys will be calling it? Please?



WoW has been saved everyone we can all sleep now


this sounds like Horde favoritism. you can’t let them have nice things, and leave the alliance to inhabit their impressive building(s) (architecture) in peace and tranquility.

you are stirring them up into a frenzy removing this, and are going to get them, to, declaim each other, and cause the loss of alliance life, where it is, unnecessary in the functional, alliance-world…

Who care that it is a fact in Vanilla warcraft, that statistically, alliance does better in pve on a whole than their rival faction the horde, and that all horde has is an excellent pve game, pvp, and Their Gold.

NOW THE GOLD’S GONE!!! They’re coming for us, alliance!!! make yourselfs!!! MAKE REEEAAAADY!!!

Don’t forget the fishing pole! in the Hinterlands! OUTRAGEOUS! and don’t get me going about all the OP items at Sen’Jin Village!


The fishing pole and troll racial is op.


My blood pressure goes up just thinking about that pole.


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Please dont nerf my troll pole

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good change, but the problem is that this is how blizzard intends to deal with gold inflation. it’s like removing a thimble of water from a lake lol :expressionless:

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I don’t want it nerfed, I play Horde, too.

I just want the Alliance equivalent.

AV bonus honor is bugged please look into it ASAP as AV weekend is upon us

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Please take steps to eliminate the continual abuse of the Unlimited Free Transfer service.

If the denizens of Shadowprey Village are gonna be hoarding their coin now, how about some “improvements” there? Maybe they could at least hire a reagent vendor to set up there?

Now you’re at it, please fix the “Not Capital City Guards” flagging us for PvP on sight in Hardcore.