Who is bored yet?

If i get bored with a char i just switch to another 1, then i get back later with full rested xp. It’s more fun lvling fast and getting new spells to play with.
Right now retail is boring.
HC classic is not yet boring


Come on guys! No one can post anything against this wonderfull game that pops a lot of Blizzard Protectors, I feel like I’m a troll just running into Stormwind. :rofl:

Also the Hardcore Addon makes it better than Blizzard does. Just facts!

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The hardcore addon works just fine on normal servers, you might be happier with that ruleset.

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True, but it isn’t hide the fact that Blizzard just rushed and release a game that they didn’t worked a lot, just to take the hype. Hope it gets better later. Also a lot of people are playing this just because wanted a fresh Classic Era.

I believe Audible runs a decent trial period - 30days.

I’m still having fun - though now a days I’m much less hyper focused on HC whereas in the first week of HC release that’s all I played.

But I’m jumping between HC Classic and retail now - and having a blast with both 10.1.7 and preparing for 10.2 as well as casually messing around in HC getting my Paladin leveled up nice and slowly

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You ARE a troll. If you hate the game so much, why even play? Literally every post the last 24 hours has you whining.

I’d like to see your source on this statement.



It loads up just fine for me on Mankrik.

Just because I can! Why not? Everyone can say anything here anytime. If you think I’m troll, just stop read what I write! Soooo simple.

Nah classic era fresh is doa.

Not bored in the slightest.

Ya classic + is what people are waiting for. Then its foing to be classic + hardcore.

My request for a source was in response to this from Galifton:

You asked me the question.

It would seem I just replied to the wrong post, but my reply was meant for the Galifton.

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I still like the zone but a few days ago things changed.
Blizzard has decided that shellfish are worthless and Jinar’Zillen isn’t allowed to help Horde brothers and sisters.

i was born bored .

I am bored

But its probably my fault, i died too much, im not scared of it anymore compared to how i was on release 3 weeks ago

Now its just Classic without goals bc there is no endgame here

Been playing it for 2 weeks now, my druid is almost 30. Going nice and slow and enjoying the journey.