First Time Horrific Visions in Group Glitch no Corrupting Core

The problem/glitch happened the first time I did a horrific vision. I opened the gate, got the quest to do it, and then looked for a group to join to do it (I was told its better in groups). I joined a group of 5, 3 people had not completed a horrific vision before and two had. We queued up, went in, killed thrall, got our achievemets for completion and it ended. I opened the chest at the end to find it empty and came out of the vision with my “complete a horrific vision” quest still incomplete.

Then I decided to do my second one solo. That is where the “Tutorial” horrific vision kicked in. Wraithon talked to me and told me what to do, I did it and killed thrall, opened the box, got loot, I got my quest credit and completed the quest. So my very first run through used up my item to do it, but gave me nothing. No quest completion, no corrupting cores, nothing and the second completed the quest that was supposed to complete on the first run.

So now I was able to obtain 1 less corrupting core than intended and my cape is one rank below every one of my friends and guildmates who have done the same amount or horrific visions as me and completed the same amount as me.

I read on reddit last night reports of numerous people having the same problem, but didnt see it in the “official” known bugs for 8.3 which is suprising. Maybe they all opened tickets too and are being redirected here. Who knows.

I was hoping I could open a ticket and get a corrupting core returned to me, or at least get an item to do one more horrific vision to make up for it but I was told that they could not help me unless I came here and got it cleared.

Hope this clears it up and hope I can get this fixed because I really don’t want a bug to put me a week behind my guild.



Huh? What does this mean lol

Also this is my post I just accidently chose my character as a one of my alts lol