First thoughts on changes holy

Cast Holy fire Divine word chastise PI HF HF apoth Chastise HF HF cast smite Chastise HF HF cast smite Chastise HF HF SWD SWD gg

This looks like a ridiculous combo that wasn’t even tried and and will get nerfed soon :joy:

As far as the rest goes, it was so many I can’t even comprehend without logging into the game and actually feeling the entirety of it, but a 7% heal nerf is hard to surpass even if the rest of the changes were positive. Time will tell. Looking forward to all impressions, I’m sure we’ll get a well laid out Caithyra post soon enough :slight_smile:

Impossible to tell without seeing how the tree was rearranged and what we can take in combination now. Overall - looks like they don’t want you skipping PoH/CoH for M+, and the increased kit interactions are promising.

I’m hoping divine image gets replaces by lightwell in raid and divine word in m+

I can’t speak to 100 percent but it seems that the changes that help buff our aoe spells and more buffs to holy words may offset the 7 percent? However I was not happy waking up and seeing a flat 7 percent heal nerf so I really don’t know. With our tier set pumping out holy words left and right though could be a good thing. Someone smarter than me tell us lol

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I’ve never gotten to try light well so it’d be cool to experience it if it is viable

what are the changes?

Apologies not used to posting first

oh wow this is something I have been dreaming of for holy! I’m so excited I’m going to have to switch back from disc

I wonder why disc doesn’t have any changes coming

are you feeling even with the nerf the rest should still put us overall ahead of where we arew currently?

i think i replied to you correctly i never use forums lol

Hahaha the last place healer getting nerfed is so Blizzard ngl. :rofl:


It’s a lot of changes to take in. But Leap of Faith no longer interrupting casts is a terrible nerf. How am I going to break friends’ hearthstone casts now, Blizzard??


I don’t get it… holy priest has already been the bottom of the raid and blizzard nerf the healing again?? Guess blizzard don’t play the game


It really does feel like they don’t play it sometimes. I’m trying to keep some hope though but I’m expecting to not have something good come from this

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I’m not sure until I see the talent tree. Does lightwell only spit out renews, or are renews added onto the existing HoT? What takes the place of the renew choice node? Is Divine word now better than image?

The 7% healing nerf has me very confused but the rest of the changes seem cool at first glance. Here’s to hoping circle of healing is actually worth taking and using in m+ now.

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They seem to want us to take CoH. I just wish It did more for the mana cost.

We’d have to have a reason to take divine word over divine image for this to ever matter.

Obviously it’s way stronger burst damage, but they just nerfed divine word and it was never taken in the first place so I’m insanely confused by this.

7% healing nerf is because of all the massive healing buffs in talents. We’re coming out far ahead with these changes.

Honestly I sincerely hope we don’t take coh now. I probably still won’t I hated that spell in m+ :sob: