Fire Mage PVE Viability

I’m thinking about rolling a Fire mage and was just wondering about how viable they are. I usually do Frost, but I’ve always wanted to do Fire, so if anyone has any info or insights on this or can point me towards some guides (especially rotation and speccing), I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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I think that some bosses early on at endgame have fire resist. But once you get to AQ you could do fire.

When you roll a Mage, you have 3 talent trees.


You can use all three! Hope this helps.

In all seriousness though… you only need to be a specific spec for raids (i.e. MC / BWL you should be frost). Fire works well for everything else.


gonna have a real rough time in MC, and a few dungeons, but other than that you should be fine.

someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think fire does quite as much damage as frost tho.

I heard fire mages are pretty efficient in MC


Your spec doesn’t lock you out of the core spells of other element types, you just miss out on the talent spells/bonuses.

You’re not going to be doing much (if any) fire damage in Molten Core.

I hope blizzard removes fire resist in early raids, it makes no sense.

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Remember that this is a game. A piece of entertainment. Do what you think will bring YOU the most enjoyment.


It would make less sense if your fire bolts hurt beings made of fire and living in lava.


We don’t play fantasy games for realism. Hence the fantasy.


Outside of fire-based raids and a few elemental bosses, fire and arcane is the highest damage a mage can do in pve and pvp.

Fire does a lot more damage than frost, but its not used early game for two reasons. 1) Its not as mana efficient, and in early game gear, mana pools arent very high. And 2) Everything early game is immune to fire anyway.

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It’s a fantasy game, what if a boss has a shield melee classes should do no damage?

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ah ok, thanks for the correction.

In case you wanted to see some of that sweet sweet fire deeps

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brb reserving a mage.

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The itemization is extremely similar.

You can roll fire most of the time and just switch for MC.

I’m sure under all that UI there’s a game in there somewhere.

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The Romans used shields. Are you saying that no Roman soldier was ever injured in battle during the entire reign of the Roman empire?


Well it wouldnt be vanilla without a terrible UI and bad music