Fire Mage and Enhancement Shaman PvP Tuning - March 15

With scheduled weekly maintenance next week, we’re planning to make some adjustments to specs that are overperforming in PvP.

  • Mage
    • Tempest Barrier’s (Conduit) absorb value reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Fire
      • Flamecannon’s (PVP Talent) buff duration reduced to 3 seconds (was 5 seconds).
      • Pyrokinesis (PVP Talent) now causes Fireball to reduce the cooldown of Combustion by 2 seconds (was 3 seconds).
      • Tinder (PVP Talent) now reduces the cast time of your next Fireball by 30% (was 50%).

In Season 3, Fire Mages have been overperforming across all skill brackets in rated PvP, and we will be reducing the power of commonly picked talents to better fit within other spec representation and performance.

Additionally, we want to address Fire survivability, as stamina has increased with item level between seasons, and the absorb from Tempest Barrier has scaled higher than we’d like. So, we will be reducing the effectiveness of the conduit.

We hope that these changes keep the overall feel of Fire in PvP intact, with a more reasonable power output. We look forward to seeing players unlock Class Set and double Legendary bonuses, and we will continue to monitor PvP balance as the season progresses.

  • Shaman
    • Enhancement
      • The healing increase to Maelstrom Weapon provided by Focused Lightning (Conduit) has been decreased by 70% while engaged in PvP combat.

During the development of Eternity’s End, we provided a substantial increase to the effectiveness of the Focused Lightning conduit, targeted at bringing it in line with the damage potential of other potency conduit options. However, the healing provided by this conduit has increased Enhancement Shaman’s instant healing capabilities beyond what other similar non-healer specializations can bring to the table in PvP.

A change to the healing portion of the conduit should allow other parts of the Enhancement Shaman healing kit to remain strong, and not affect the recent damage throughput increase to Focused Lightning.




I mean I guess but could use a few tweaks to rogue please


This is a good start but can you please take a look at NL DH damage, surv/bm damage, rogue (both assass and sub), and holy priest healing? These classes, particularly assass, dh, and survival, are going to be doing insane damage when they acquire their 2pc/4pc. It’s already nearly unhealable as it is.


Thank you very much for taking your time to post these changes in the arena forums, small things like this mean a lot


Agreed. Very much appreciated! Thanks team.



Was this already nerfed by 50% or did this just get dumpstered really hard?


Yes. Excellent way to test the waters. I’m glad priest/rogue wasn’t hit along with fire mage, as it’s really the overtuned mechanics of fire mage doing a lot of the heavy lifting in RMP honestly


Nerf holy priest


Whoa, it’s cool to see the changes posted here.

Can you break the knees of Holy (Priest)?


i mean, my thoughts exactly, but how did you just break the 10 char thing

I don’t play nor play with enh shaman, but does anybody else find it kind of silly how fast they nerfed enh, yet took all these months to even touch fire, and have yet to touch sub/hpriest?


Setup is going to be in the rat leagues with me now!


I really like how they are nerfing talents and conduits as well instead of base abilities. Leaves room for players to shift things around and limits how punishing the changes are for players that weren’t playing talents/conduits that made certain abilities problematic.



wasn’t nerfed

maelstrom was 150% at 5 stacks with max FL
now it’s 115% at 5 stacks

so essentially healing surge and chain harvest - 35% healing
looking at my last few games average heal being about 20k
so that’ll drop down to 13k

Well I guess it’s back to training the Enh.

Trust in the purpose

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Setup currently having a Setback right now…