Finding Chests randomly in Classic feels Good

Finding random spawn chests out in the open world that contain random mats / items / potions is fun, and feels rewarding.

Chests in BfA (that happen to be in pre-set guaranteed to find spots) and a few prior expansions that contain 1-2 grey trash items that sell for silver, and war resources / order hall resources / garrison resources feels crappy in comparison.

Please learn this lesson with open world chests going forward. Thanks!

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Don’t forget the giant grey arrow on your mini map too, pointing you to the chest in retail lol.

Retail is just a collection of mini games at this point just aimed at people that don’t like MMOs.


When I’m high on Resources, i don’t give those chests a second glance because d20 WR (I swear it’s rolling a d20, or perhaps… 2d10 + 2?) Don’t inpress me and aren’t worth the detour.


What doesn’t feel good is clearing the mobs around a chest only to have some yahoo come and swipe it. C’est la vie.


I hate HATE HATE those chests in classic. So much greediness and anti social behavior results of those chests.


The ones on Argus were on the right track.

Weapons and armor for transmog!


I agree. Seeing a chest in retail that has enemies around it, or requires climbing a mountain, or battling through a cave is ignored simply because there’s garbage in it. Getting “War Resources” or Azerite, or vendor trash is really, really boring.

I wish there were random chests that had a chance for a BOE Blue item, a few hundred gold, or hell, even trade mats would be good. It would make me actually want to get them.


Well what could you put in a chest in retail to make it useful? It’d have to be either something super OP (epic gear or whatever) or a metric boat load of resources (like 40 ore or whatever).

I need muh accessibility

If the chests in Retail provided more than just a +12-20 AP or +12-20 war resources, I’d imagine they’d feel more impactful.

Getting nothing but AP from a chest feels bad.

I’m not really sure Classic chests are that often worth it though. Unless you get a blue maybe? One one of those leveling purples.


Ya but they give a ton of exp, so they’re already better.


Rares aren’t even rare in WoW anymore. Good luck on them changing anything now, OP.

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Actual chests aren’t worth the 1.5 seconds cast it takes me to mount again.

The ones in Naz contain pearls and benthic gear sometimes. The Mech ones has those igniters and oscillator stuffs. So they’re worth opening.

And treasure chest opening achievements are a thing.

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At least people are interacting. A negative interaction is part of the experience of playing an online game. No player interaction (like in retail) = boring game.

But hey, keep defending the current state of World of Boringcraft.

Chests in Classic > BfA Chests

The best modern chests/treasures were the MoP and WoD ones, they were rewarding trinkets, toys, or vendor trash that sold for 100 gold.

Classic chest you know you can get a piece of green gear that can sell for a nice penny on the AH. Not to mention recipe drops for professions.

A negative reaction doesn’t make the game fun at all. That is like saying getting robbed spices up life.


Mine have been random mats and those cute red Mario mushrooms to eat. Free stuff is free though.

Poor analogy. Players like you demanding silly systems like we have today are the exact reason the game is in a boring state it is in today. Almost all the player interaction both positive and negative has been streamlined out of the game. You wouldn’t understand, because you don’t want to play an online game.

You want a single player online game that is devoid of player interaction.

I would say its aimed at people who dont like RPG’s more than people who don’t like MMO’s.

Classic feels more like an RPG than a MMO were retail feels more like a MMO

@OP yeh the chests are good, im going to get something awesome soon best i got was a blue BOE staff in 1K needles.