Field of View

So the community is fine with the field of view being more than 90. Why is it that when we get it increased and almost everyone loves the change it then gets immediately taken away?

Does it really hurt the game that much to have it so we can see more?


Some changes just dont make sense. Even with the reasons we got for the CV command that was removed in legion. Just like the Tab Targeting change. And then they wonder why people turn more and more sour over the years. Its not just this but so many things where the impression is just that they dont care about what the players want.


I tried it out before it was fixed, it was pretty neat seeing a lot more of the game. I found out about it from watching a stream but as soon as I heard someone say “This would be great in Arenas, you can see the entire Arena!”, I was like “yea this is going to get hotfixed”


Which could be addressed by capping it in Arenas that don’t support it for pvp reasons but keep it as it was before otherwise for pve


Blizzard, please stop killing accessibility options. I’ve set my FoV to 120 and it was like a whole new world opened up, I could actually see things for a change…

A FoV of 120 is a W, removing it is a massive L.


Sure if they spend sometime looking at this and modify FoV to be limited for PVP that would be great, but disabling FoV 120 for the moment is probably the best choice. Hopefully now they have seen the feedback from so many Blizz can work on implementing it better

If that is the case sure. By all means. However with the absolute lack of communication i will assume the opposite. But if they do follow your approach then communication is key. Especially given we complained about said lack since pretty much vanilla. EU can probably crate a “national anthem” around it.

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As someone who plays on ultrawide screen I think everyone should be allowed to play at what ever FOV they want and blizzard should really just tune it towards that.

If they limited the view distance because some people were seeing more than they should it would be insane.


Can’t find any particular reason for as where higher FoV would be problematic - and if it is, can’t you just design encounters around it?

If it’s specifically problematic in PvP only then maybe make it not usable in arenas. Although at the same time if you allow it then everyone can use it and then it’s still even playingfield.


Years ago we could put the camera very far away and I don’t remember it being a problem, why not go back to them and design the encounters around that?

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If thats even required. A bigger zoom or field of vision wont suddenly cause a normal raider to facestomp mythic jailer.


I know for a fact that using the command on my ultrawide gives me maybe like a tiny bit more of a zoom out but having an 49inch screen means I can see stables and mines while I sit base at LM in AB which would even the playing field for those on regular monitors using the FOV command

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If the argument is that being able to see more is beneficial to a player, then they should up their game big time and make sure that people who have visual impairments or are blind have all the tools they need to play properly.

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Hey Blizzard,

Give my FoV 120 back, the “fix” hasn’t been here for long and I’m already sick of only seeing just the boss feet, it’s disgusting.


That’s the thing. It’s not just “wow, I can see more, this game looks great!”

Some people (myself included) get incredibly sick from games w/ limited FoV, and are sensitive to the quick camera turning or camera bouncing. Luckily WoW is not one that does it to me, but there are many FPS I can’t play for more than an hour without experiencing terrible motion sickness. As it stands, I play WoW at maximum zoom so I don’t have to turn my camera as much.

FOV increased to 120 was a huge win for accessibility, and should have remained in place. If it’s an issue in 1 specific subset of playstyle (arena) then it should be fixed in arena to 90 and 120 in open world/raid/dungeons, etc. Shouldn’t have to tune something in its entirety around an outlier.