Few old school players looking for a guild for launch!

We have maybe 3-5 players possibly looking for a new home for classic. We’ve been playing WoW since launch on Stormreaver. We are probably open to RP-PvP servers as well. Most have played many classes over the years.

Discord: BnH247#9580 , we still have most of our roles open, add me if you’re interested and we can hash out the details :slight_smile:


Hey, we’re a newly formed guild seeking to build out our community with strong players also seeking balance.

<Dad Club> [NA - Alliance - PvP - Whitemane Server - Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30 PST]

Discord to learn more:
https:// discord.gg/h2AqqBC

Feel free to check us out if you’d like. We are EST raiding two nights a week. Would be happy to hop in a Discord call and chat more if you want. Follow the link below to find out Discord information. Cheers!

Feel free to PM me on Discord at: Jelly#1111

Hi there, Vindication is recruiting. We are a 1 day / week raiding guild in North America who have core members that have played together since Vanilla. With significant experience in raid leadership, both in vanilla and retail, we focus on getting the most done in a short amount of time.

We will be focusing on leveling up as quickly as possible and jumping into dungeons for pre-raid gear and transition to MC and Onyxia as soon as possible and beyond. Our class officers are encouraged to look out for their own and they will be there to support you, not dictate you. We know that we will have veterans and new players to classic and all are welcome who are willing to learn and put their best foot and attitude forward in every raid.

We bring a dynamic loot system with the use of lootlist that gives all members with good attendance equal access to attaining gear without the trouble of dkp banking and the bias of loot council.

Raid Days:
SUNDAY 8pm-12mid, est
PVP EST Server: Herod
We also have strong PVPers that will be focusing on ranking on non-raid days.

Discord Contacts: Abatu#9180 ThatGuyTace#4354 Gorgrath#7230

Discord Server: hhAzPYZ

Our Discord is where everything is currently located, from our guild app, our roster, to all of our prep work. We do not use a website, instead we make extensive use of Google Drive, with various spreadsheets, docs, and forms. We look forward to hearing from you.

You guys sound perfect, we’re looking for a few veterans like you to complete our raiding roster. Let’s talk!

<Bold Strategy> is a gaming community spanning the existence of WoW’s entirety. Together, we have completed the highest end game content of every expansion both on retail and on private servers. We aim to continue our legacy of end-game success in Classic WoW, to achieve this we seek passionate end-game driven players who want to experience the entirety of the content with one consistent raid team.

What makes us different: We are the balance between real life responsibility and serious raiding success. In our core we have parents, business owners/entrepreneurs, students, and military; so we understand the burden of responsibility. Even with more than 10 years of raiding we still commit ourselves to our hobby, proving that we are not only burn-out proof, but we often outlast the majority of guilds around us. We are a group of adults looking to make the most of the time we can devote to the game. We also do annual guild meetups at Blizzcon or Las Vegas, NV.

What to expect: A group that takes the title WoW veterans seriously. Over time our core has accumulated a wealth of game knowledge and we intend to use it to continue to be one of the top guilds on the server we select. We are as active as humanly possible when not pulled from the game with obligations, and pride ourselves on having an inclusive social community.

Leadership that has actual real leadership knowledge and experience. Organization and time management are key elements to our raid structure. No waiting for AFK’s and little downtime.

What we expect of you: First and foremost, we expect you to know how to communicate with people, and not be an ornery anti-social wet blanket. If you constantly come across as an intolerable jerk, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, we’ll tell you to $%&! OFF.

Have the ability to manage your time and plan your schedule like an adult. The raid times are clear, if you can’t make them consistently, don’t waste 39 other people’s time.

Be able to be accountable. If you make a mistake, speak up and say something, so we can learn from it and move on.

Lastly, and most important, you have to be able to be relaxed and have fun and flip the switch to raid mode. We expect “serious face” effort and will accept nothing less during raid. Outside of raid, what you do on your own time is up to you.

Server TBA.
Midwest based.
Looking for 1 player of each class.
Guaranteed raid spot.
Tues/Weds 6pm PST (9pm EST) Thursday will likely be added down the road.

Please reach out on Discord: monzz#5463
Post here or PM me on RealID: Zakk#1324


I’m the GM of Vision and we’re currently looking for both raiders and casuals. We plan to raid Tu/We 7:00pm EST - 10:00pm EST. I’ve include our guild recruitment post below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Discord link (remove the space) - https:// discord.gg/83T93pe

Btag - Wes#12170, CLOUDED#1644, Hypnotiq#11432

Discord - Wes#6205, Aeson#8055, Hypn0tical#6969

We have a Veteran group of “older” raiders returning that played Vanilla and were a Top 50 Guild from Vanilla-BC. If you are interested in a more mature setting with solid players both raiding and pvp, give me a shout.

BT- Darkdevoid09#1749

Surreal is recruiting for Classic! We are currently comprised of several players that have been playing together since the early days of World of Warcraft. The vast majority of our current players have raided in many Top 20 U.S. guilds and looking to have a competitive guild on a 3 day schedule. Many of our players are finally done with BFA and wishing to play classic full time! We will be offering a Loot council loot system with multiple people to vote to avoid any issues. We thought about DKP, but ultimately decided against it.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9-12 EST.


Level to 60 in an appropriate amount of time. This should take Less than 3 weeks ideally.
Complete requirements outside of raiding such as farming resist gear and consumables for raids.
Maintain an 90% or higher attendance. This is key especially with certain roles such as tanks and healers.
Be able to play an off-spec if needed with proper gear and enchants.
Must have a working microphone and be able to use it. This is a MUST!
We expect raiders to be on 15 minutes prior to raid. Don’t show up at 8:59 and want to raid. We are looking for people that are at the raid prior to start.

Ideal candidates:

Several of us have been friends for many years now, some back to 2004. We like to build friendships here and even maintain them after World of Warcraft has come and gone. We aren’t looking for someone that just wants to seclude themselves from interaction with other members. We try to keep a healthy atmosphere at all times. We are also looking for someone that wants to improve their characters and self anyways possible. We aren’t looking for people to log on for raid 9 hours a week and not see them again.

If you are interested in joining our team:

Dracs - Guild Master - Dracs#1320
Eroshima - Officer - Eroshima#1883

< Warcraft’s Finest > [ Grobbulus (US - RPPVP)] are looking for players to join a Guild that values player individuality at the same level as content. We expect to grow a social family as well as a raid team, so we really do have something for everyone.

Our Goals

We intend to play Vanilla with maximum fun. We aim to have a populated voice chat, nightly events and a positive attitude to players and progression. Events will consist of social questing, dungeon runs, world PvP, pre-made BG’s, raids and more!

Players are encouraged to pursue their own goals. We want you to choose a race, class and spec based on your interests. We don’t expect you to min-max your class, however, the willingness to take constructive criticism and better yourself is a must. We aim to strike the balance between getting things done and allowing player individuality. Solid experience of actual Vanilla at leadership level should enable us to accomplish this goal.

We want to foster good etiquette and spread it across the faction. If you like the idea of dungeon groups that help beginners and help each other learn, world questing that involves cooperation rather than competition and patience over pessimism then this guild is for you.

You are…

• Patient

• Sociable

• A team player


• Mature + Patient temperament

• Willingness to participate in Guild chat, Discord and Events where possible


• All classes + specs

• Old players

• New players

• Casual players

• Semi-Hardcore players

Raid Times

Raid days are Tuesdays 7PM to 10PM (PST) and Thursdays 7PM to 10PM (PST)

There will be additional content every other evening during similar times and Saturday/Sunday evening activities (ZG/AQ20).


Find me on Discord at Bergyboo#0034 the raid leader at Smurfy#9226


While RP is fully welcomed in Warcraft’s Finest; we want you to know that it will not be our primary focus. We want to ensure we attract players from all walks, but don’t want anyone to feel pressured to do something that they may not be fully interested/comfortable doing.

Hey, Gunarr. I’d love to chat more with you, and discuss what, specifically, you guys are looking for in a guild.

Here’s a link to our recruitment post: Link

Please take a look and let me know if you’d like to chat more. My contact info can be found in link. Hope to hear back from you!

If you are playing on myzrael server I may be interested

Semi hardcore raiding guild on a pvp server. We have a mix of old and new players so it might be a good fit. Share some of that knowledge with the new comers and reminisce with us old timers. Add me on either discord (Unarii#8717) or Bnet (lissona#1463) if you want more info.

[A] [PVP] [Faerlina] - Raid times Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm.

Alliance | PvP Server: Herod | Semi-Hardcore | CST |


:crossed_swords: Focus :crossed_swords:
To have fun! A semi-hardcore Classic WoW experience. Designed to fit a working-person’s schedule. Fran Aska will have something for everyone including consistent raiding, PvP, or just chilling. Leadership will strive to be transparent, fair, and effective at making raiding goals and group play events a reality.

:crossed_swords: Raids :crossed_swords:
Progress & supporting raids Sunday/Mondays with a 8PM CST Start, with Saturday being for raid quests and attunements. Loot council will give drops to characters to benefit long-term progress. An alt is encouraged to enable more raids, splits, and scheduling flexibility. Attendance requirements will be more relaxed when compared to hardcore guilds.

:crossed_swords: PvP :crossed_swords:
Groups for days

:crossed_swords: Discord/Contact :crossed_swords:
We are looking for various levels of players: officers, Raiders, PvP-er’s, and casual.

message me on Discord: Meo#5613

We are on Herod :frowning_face:

Voluntary Manslaughter [H] | NA-PvP HEROD | Days not decided | 6/7:pm START time EST | semi-Hardcore | DKP

Voluntary Manslaughter is currently 25 ex members of our original guild that focused mainly only pvp but raided often and went halfway through AQ40 with
full clear of ZG/MC/AQ20/BWL. Several of us have further raiding experience with other guilds. Some still play WOW BOA or on private servers. We are a pvp focused
raiding guild that is going to take our time to pvp while leveling
and not rush to 60.

There are minimal expectations for members currently. We have open spots for dps/healers/tanks of all classes. You only need to listen to raid leaders and pvp leaders.
Some bosses have multiple strats that are used so just listen to what is said to do.

We do plan on raiding weekly once enough are 60, and while we have no decided on days for raids, they may fluxuate based on attendance but the start
times will be 6 and 7pm EST.