Feral going to be op tomorrow

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They are in a pretty good spot now i’d say.

That 3% is game changing



necro, at least, feral was really good before the patch but it didn’t seem to gain very much from double lego compared to the big ones like hunter or even boomkin. maybe tier will change that or maybe the other covenants notice the brutal slash change but necro really can’t do anything with that ability even 20%. no mastery and no benefit from swarm

These are all just PvE AoE buffs lol


Shush Demonboi.

Feral still gonna be okay in 3s really only jungle and oppressive in 2s with holy priest because any strong dps with holy priest is nuts in 2s.

I’m gonna double down and say I can get duelist with any spec with a hpriest season 3 pre their inevitable nerf because they are a healer with a normal dpsers damage that has multiple ccs and immunities.

Source played 2s with hpriest on all toons this season with a positive win rate.


Primal wrath isn’t used. Thrash isn’t used. Swipe isn’t used. Brutal slash is a very small portion of the damage.

It is for all intents and purposes a 3% buff.


you won’t see the difference, buffs of this magnitude cannot be “felt”. I don’t see why anyone would be complaining about feral this tier, they are in no way unfair or overperforming.

Feral druids are kinda meh right now. Yes you have the insane players out classing us plebs, but I feel like Feral was kinda nerfed once double leggo hit. Necro leggo is so meh its not even noticeable in 2s.

It’s only brutal Slash and the 3% overall that matter in pvp.

And brutal Slash does less damage than shred, it’s only used cuz it’s more energy efficient and only outside of berserk.

Ya man gotta worry about that swipe damage in PvP dude


Feral 4pc is nuts. I only have 2pc so far but I’ve seen screenshots from people with the 4set doing ~50k damage over 10 seconds to every target within range.