Fellow Mages, How Do You Feel About Dalaran’s Fate in TWW?

Honestly, I am shocked and distraught that Dalaran is getting destroyed yet again just for the shock factor. I even made a thread about it in the General Forum. I am really titled and triggered by this. They need to leave our city the **** alone!!!

P.S. Apparently they’re going to kill off Khadgar too although that’s not been confirmed yet.



Give it one more expansion and we’ll build a new one, shoehorned raid included.

Real question is do we get a second Ancient Portal: Dalaran?


I’m not surprised really. Was going to post about it but then decided not to. I know someone at blizz hq hates mages.

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Teldrassil and Dalaran are hardly the only two locations in Azeroth to have gotten razed. The story needs to have stakes or it’s meaningless, which if I’m not mistaken was a criticism you leveled at DF.

It has nothing to do with Mage hatred from the devs, people. Get a grip.


Pretty sure there’s no Mage hatred from the devs lol we’ve main-character’d the hero talent situation thus far

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That reminds me, can we have Atiesh now??


I’m going to main this character for the first time since Legion because of this.

The smell of burnt nerubians will waft for miles.


Too soon, man! :weary::rofl:

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Is it even worth it? The vanilla staff skin looks very meh unless they were planning a model update too.

Edit: if they’re messing with that particular hero of ours, they shouldn’t let him die completely. They should make it so only his head survives but it’s completely alive in something that looks alot like that bubble he used to pester you in in legion. And then they should make him twice as annoying. I have a twisted sense of humor.

Honestly, that’s what I like about it. A seemingly simple carved wooden staff that holds unspeakable power is far better than some big glowing gaudy thing anyway.

Tier 5 mage set and Atiesh. Simple. Understated. And going to destroy you.

I mean, yeah they should give it all a high res treatment but don’t change the overall look, and also give us the power to transform into a raven of course.


I’ve only ever said that about SL. You could take that entire story completely out and absolutely nothing would change besides Anduin no longer being emo. And the Jailor was such a one dimensional villain it was hilariously bad. To this day we don’t know what his motivations were besides some vague reference to a future threat only he could foresee.

Consequences are important of course, especially when they move the plot along, but not if it’s some dramatic throwaway gesture that is meant to only tag on the heartstrings. They can’t make us hyped about the new expansion because none of the new zones look particularly interesting or engaging so they’re going to make the big bads there hurt and destroy things we love so we care enough to go end them. I hate that sort of thing.

Eh, maybe. I for one am going to wait and see how it actually all plays out before I pass 10 paragraphs of judgement on it. I know that’s crazy talk around here.

How is it getting destroyed? Do we even have a “big bad” for TWW yet? I’ve paid so little attention to it because it’s very much a “meh” expansion. I mean, as much as BFA and SL sucked, they at least had cool trailers. Something about Nerubians? Not sure how a spider-people race even gets to Dalaran, but OK.

Honestly, I’m more miffed about them playing silly buggers with Dadghar. He showed up briefly in TBC, and again in Cata, then had some fun in Legion but that was about it. He’s a great character, and they’ve done nothing with him. What’s more is that it probably means Mary-Jaina will become the next guardian. Blech.

Either way, we’ll get over it. I’m more concerned with whether the expansion will actually give us something to do, or just be more of the same with some copy-paste assets and a new borrowed power system. While DF is miles ahead of BfA and SL, it is very “low-sugar, low-fat, vanilla icecream”.

Agreed. Recall how the Holy Grail was portrayed in Last Crusade. Perfectly.

Presumably it’s Xal’atath, although maybe she’s just a “little bad.”

Almost as if they conjured a magic portal, which of course is unheard of on Azeroth.

I wouldn’t say they’ve done nothing but he is a great character. People would probably get tired of the constant dad jokes if he was the central NPC character every time.

Jaina is many things but a Mary Sue isn’t one of them.

She’s had at least as much development over the years as Khadgar. She can be grating at times as a character I’ll grant but her power is earned.

And if we’re talking about cool cinematics Jaina was the focus of one of the best ever.

I’m not convinced Khadgar is really gone though, wait and see on that one.

A valid concern. We’ll see.

Fair but after BFA and SL I’m okay with them playing it a little safer. Overall I thought DF was a positive expansion although obviously suffering from the same end of expansion content lull as many of the others.

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Here’s what bothers me though: sl had some of the highest expansion sales of modern wow. It wasn’t all bad. The delivery just failed spectacularly. I don’t want them to play it safe forever. I want them to figure out what does and doesn’t work because i loved the art of the expansion. I think alot of the covenant stories were good too but i’m weird so they should do some additional research on that. I’m fairly certain i’m not the only one given the sales that at least most people appreciated the ambience. If they can figure it out, they can have another banger. With those sales it could have been legion 2.0.

Sales figures in this genre aren’t a great indicator of quality since most purchases happen before people even know how good or bad a given expansion will be. There’s a reason why Blizzard so heavily incentivizes pre-purchasing.

But no, SL wasn’t all bad. Neither was WoD. Every expansion has had its good and bad points. But few would argue with the statement that WoD and SL are in the bottom third, if not the two worst overall.

They were okay I suppose. The challenge with taking us to a realm we previously knew nothing about is that we start off with zero investment into any of the characters, story lines, locations, or anything. They needed to knock the story out of the park to make up for that, and they didn’t. Bloop singles don’t work when you need home runs. Add to that a one-dimensional villain with murky motivations (as Kerathras pointed out) along with a complete mishandling of one of the franchise’s most historically compelling characters in Sylvanas, and you get WoW’s version of the last season of Game of Thrones.

The art team is one area of WoW development that is consistently good.

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I don’t want to see Dalaran destroyed and Khadgar dead, but if that happens, I want more diverse development regarding the mages.

Although not given much focus within the game, in Stormwind we have the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences, an institution of wizards and scholars. There is even a library that is part of this institution, with Mazen Mac’Nadir being explicitly named as one of its members, in addition to Adair Gilroy (librarian) and Acolyte Dellis.

In the WoW RPG, the Tower of Mages itself is mentioned as the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences. For a long time it was considered the second best school of magic, compared to Dalaran. However, with the destruction of Dalaran in the Third War, the wizards there fled to Stormwind and took up residence in the tower, causing it to be considered the best.

I think if Blizzard does decide to wipe Dalaran off the map, it already has content about mages in the Alliance to develop, while it can leverage Quel’thalas and Suramar on the Horde side.

Blizzard could even build on this RPG story about Dalaran mages fleeing to Stormwind and joining the wizarding school there, which would give us a better sense of narrative continuity.

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I’ve heard there are lots and lots of spiders and underground work. There’s even a button on the options to change all the spiders to crabs because of arachnophobia.
Maybe something spiderlike?