Feedback - Stress Test

Had no problem with lag or getting into the server. However, Severe issues being able to tag mobs or finish quests due to the sheer number of people on the server after the servers were condensed. This was to be expected but, I was not expecting to have to fight others for mobs for well over 5 hours to finish the first quest in the Dun Morogh starting zone. Moving into Kharanos was just as bad as it is impossible to find any mobs that aren’t being camped by others. As far as graphical issues, there were none. No tearing or ping issues, I had no issues getting into the server at all.

Server 3 was packed at first. Probably a little too much for launch. It got really laggy but calmed down and once I was in the next zone the game was running smoothly but the population still seemed a little high though.

So I started on server 14 with my guild mates, the play was extremely smooth. It wasn’t crowded and we were almost level 4 by the time the server collapse announcement went out. We figured ours would be on the chopping block due to population so we relocated to 15. On server 15 there were a TON of people, however, I personally didn’t experience any lag stray of the Blizzard done DCs. All in all this has been an incredibly smooth experience in that regard, however of course on server 15 EVERYTHING has been kept dead and it has taken a long time to level due to having no mobs available. With a lot of running around and messing around I am level 7 with 5 hours played time, granted like I said, a lot of messing around and waiting for others/AFKs slowed it down a bit.

But so much smoother this time, way to go, Blizz!

Realm 15, from about an hour in; Very, very crowded, almost impossible to quest properly.
Otherwise very smooth.

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Server 12 prior to them going down (5pm EST)

  1. I would personally prefer less players but I would say for a launch it was PERFECT
  2. Highest we were able to get to was 4 before the servers went down so can not answer this portion

Server 3, after all the servers went down (5:45pm EST)

  1. There seemed to be too many players at this point, if I am being honest, it was frustrating at times trying to get the quest items
  2. The second zone felt really good however, dare I say PERFECT

Server: Classic Realm 3 (PVP)

  • Was it too crowded, even for a launch day experience?
    Played at 7:48pm server time. Easily had more than enough mobs to complete beginner quests. Very few other players around.

It was a peaceful experience, but it felt like the game had been out for over a year and that the game did not have an influx of low levels. It felt almost as busy as creating a new character on retail WoW.

FYI there was one in game bug. I was in Kharanos in front of that cave killing the Yetis and a snow tiger ran from many many yards away right toward me :). Aggrieved range was a bit off.

I bounced around the realms as they were consolidated but I ended playing mostly lvl 1-10 so far on PVP realm 15 in Mulgore with a Tauren. This test went really smoothly, I played in the first stress test and the login/server stability was much better. This time I noticed layer way more, initially it made the early level feel better but still “natural” in terms of crowding. However there were some points at which layering and the advantage/disadvantage of it was very noticeable. After the servers getting taken down I logged back in and was put into an empty layer making the questing/leveling experience very streamlined, then I got pulled into a layer that was very crowding making it very difficult to quest and was very jarring.

Tested starting area on Dwarf Realm #3 (PVP) 7:30 pm CDT, more evenly populated than first 3 hrs of stress test. I was able to complete a couple of quests with little to no lag evidenced and mob re-spawn rate seemed normal . Switched to Human Realm #3 (PVP) area was completed saturated with players and was not able to complete first quest of Kobold Vermin even as a group member. Logged onto Horde Tauren Realm #2 around 8:30 pm CDT and starting area was not overcrowded, able to complete first quest within 20 min and server seemed stable and not lagging. Quite a few people but seemed to be sufficient re-spawns for me as a solo. Thanks

realm 15, around 7:30 est, undead starting zone.

Yes, it was way too crowded at the start.
Was only able to get to level 3 in an hour, so I was unable to test the second zone out.

After the culling down to two servers, I checked out the starting areas for Alliance on Realm 15 - tried to get people to group up for the kill the big baddy in the newbie zone quest at the end of each but no dice. Very crowded and difficult to find mobs to kill much less complete quests. And this was true for all the starter areas. Deleted those characters and rerolled Horde again on Realm 15. All the areas again were crowded but the tauren seemed to have the best situation - and - it must be true that happy cows come from Mulgore as it was the best experience with people willing and wanting to group up when needed. All zones were not laggy at all for me though I heard people mention that fairly often in chat.

Second/follow up zone was again very smooth and hassle-free in Mulgore. People were willing to group for kill/credit quests and just be all-around helpful. Zone was very busy but large enough that it wasn’t the SRO of the newbie garden mesa.

Logged on fine, it was so crowded in Human start area couldnt get a mob let alone finish the first 2 quests. I am based on West coast of Australia with 220 latency and by the time I got off a shot to a mob some US based player on way better latency tagged it. Logged on again 2 1/2 hours later and still very crowded, with patience was able to get the first wolf quest done. Kobold vermin though proved a challenge.
On the first couple of stress tests by this far into the test the start zones were almost empty as players moved on. Not this time. I assume we have layering to thank for that.
If there are no Aust based classic servers then I doubt I’d stay with classic.

edit - oops thanks Brokenwind for the reminder. Was one of the 2 pvp servers up (not classic 15) but as I went to check its gone - the realm that is).

Just a reminder: if you are not including your realm number in your post, you are wasting your keystrokes.


I’m from the US but currently in the UK. I didn’t first start playing until 12:30am on the 20th here, not sure what time that was for the server. There was only two servers and I joined server 3, I don’t remember what the other server number was.

Made a orc hunter to level 7 in about 3 hours with an average latency of 130ms, never had any issues with lag that I could tell, especially since I was playing from another country.

Waiting on mobs even as a hunter was pretty rough but nothing I would like to see changed, was the most enjoyably social experiences in an MMO since I first played wow back in 2004.

The game did crash once for me but rejoined without a queue real fast and had to reset all my keybinds and settings but no big deal.

Overall experience was 4.5 out of 5 stars

Classic Realm 16:

Got booted.

Classic Realm 3:

I leveled in Teldrassil. While leveling the realm wasn’t terribly crowded. There was enough players to make mob’s contended, and I didn’t need to group up, but did so to make things easier. It felt like there were plenty of players in the area but I could still manage to snag things, especially after L4 with moonfire.

Once I got out of Shadowglen there were still players visible everywhere, but they weren’t interfering terribly with my ability to find mobs, except for one period where a bunch of us were all chasing Timberlings.

As I progressed up to L9, I was going to head into the Barrow Dens alone, as someone ran up, so we grouped, and a third turned up and we all went in together. Three of us together, saw two other groups while in there. We didn’t feel congested or terribly crowded etc.

Again with Ursal the Mauler, we were the only people going after him at the time and had to clear the entire route ourselves so it didn’t feel crowded.


Despite being “High” Realm 3 felt under populated, in Teldrassil.

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after the nighmare of classic 15 i just jumped on classic 12 for the last hour and it was very nice. still hectic and packed but you could actually kill things. got to level 5 in an hour. where earlier i could only get level 3 in 2 hours. much better.

4:30pm PDT.

I tested in realms 15, 3 & 2. In all cases, the servers did well. There was 1 crash and many people noticed severe lagging within the 1st hour, but after that, all was good. The one serious down-side for me was the incredibly long time it took to complete most quests because there were too many people/groups fighting for mob spawns. One quest to kill quillboars in the Tauren area, took 43 minutes to complete. It was more frustrating than fun. I eventually stopped playing. Way too many people for the amount of mobs and spawns. Way too many!!

I was on PvP ream 3 @ 7:30-10pm Est. I felt comfortable with the amount of players and respawns. I would have like to create a character on the PVE server, however it was not up so i leveled up on the PVP server.

Realm 15 (PvP) around 9-10pm ST.

Took me ~20 minutes to finish the first quest (NE starting zone) and after half that time I gave up and started randomly inviting people to form groups for tagging. At this rate I’m not going to make it to the 2nd zone.

EDIT: After taking a break for a bit, around 1am ST questing was relatively smooth with no major waits and only a small amount of mob competition.