Feedback - Stress Test

The starting zones MUST HAVE dynamic respawns. It was near impossible to find mobs that weren’t tagged all around Durotar. Please consider dynamic respawns the first week or two.

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I remember them adding it, but i cant for the life of me remember when.

On live. Been playing since june 04 but my memory is hazy.

When you have the vendor window open and you mouse over the items you want to sell it will tell you the vendor price then. It just doesn’t show it if you are not talking to a vendor.


I think what they’re trying to do w/ layering is offer no dynamic respawns, but provide an experience somewhere between the overcrowding we saw on the two realms last night, and the emptiness others felt on the lower-pop realms.

A happy medium would mean dynamic respawns weren’t needed, while the world still feels alive while we all spread out.

Started on server 5. Was just the right amount of people where you had to contest the spawn but everyone could get mobs within a reasonable time.

then after it got shut down and i had to restart on 3 it was way too populated. I could barely tag a zombie and the first quest alone took me over an hour. The skeleton one even longer. I was a mage and Could never tag a mob before a warlock or hunter unless it literally spawned on top of me and i could melee it.

I kept on going and got to brill. It was still a bit crowded but not half as much as the starter town. I think perhaps alot has to do with me being somewhat of a completionist and having a burning need to clear all quests in the area before i move on. Had I moved out earlier I could have possibly levelled a little faster.

I have never played Vanilla WoW as the time period when it came out I was busy playing life. I bought the game when my kid was interested when legion came out and hated it. This again is a personal preference as im an old school gamer who likes challenges and world pvp and I felt what I got was a themepark, hit this button and go to 100. Heres a bunch of gear! wee.

So this was all new to me and I was actually enjoying myself, as even on retail I had never played the undead area(not sure if classics beginnig area is different than retail or not) because I always played Orc. I played until about 11pm where I had to go to bed for work today. I made it to about level 12. I plan on playing again tonight and getting to cap and my friend told me to try “dead mines” or something we shall see. I hope to try some world pvp if theres any to be had, although ive been told with the low level cap there probably isnt much of it. If i have time I will try to get another character class to cap as well.

That about sums it up. oh, I really am having fun please let me in the beta <3

Realm 2 - logged in at like 7-8 server time.

Undead starting area was just about perfect. Mobs were scarce but quests were doable, just took a little longer. After getting through the starting area, youd still see a decent amount of other players, but it felt a lot emptier.

Tauren starting area was a lot less populated than the undead. After clearing the starting zone you would see almost no one while questing.

Compared to an expected launch day, it was less crowded than expected.

I played on realm 15 from the very first moment (around 5pm est). Honestly, it felt dead for a launch day experience, with moments where I would go 10 minutes without seeing anyone at all. After the reset, I stayed on the same server, where it still felt dead.

Just logged off realm 3. It feels dead. I see people talking in chat, but no one around me in SW, GS, or Westfall. Empty feels bad.

I’ll try again later. edit: I might try another realm if others are up.

I also noticed a possible bug. There was no mail icon on my mini map when I had mail (I mentioned it in game but no one else said anything about it happening to them).

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Mulgore on Realm 3 was also very quiet. I would see other people, but it wasn’t like it was on Realm 14 where I first started. 14 was great while it lasted. There was enough people in the zone to where it was benficial to group up to make questing go faster, but you weren’t waiting for respawns and competing for the tag because it was way too full. I miss 14, you were a great server!

  1. There was a lot of people on Classic Realm 3 at the start, I don’t think it was overcrowded even thoough there was a lot of waiting for tagging mobs. After leaving the Valley of Trials, I didn’t see many people. The rest of Durotar was the same way.
  2. While getting to level 15 in the Barrens, I saw maybe 3 people. It was way too empty.
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I was on server 3 in the tauren starting zone, it felt about right, hard to find mobs because of all the players. After leaving the starter zone I think I was ahead of the pack and being a tauren I didn’t see many people in the next zone.

I started on server 15 when there were just two servers, around 7ish on Wednesday. It was terrible - TONS of people in the starting area, and every single spawn point was camped by at least 2-3 players.

Now I’m on Server 2, around 5pmEST on Thursday. The starting zone is much better, still quite a few people around but quests are doable.

There’s a small delay in auto looting.


Ok, seems I keep posting in the wrong area lol. Anyways, I did give my feedback in this thread last night regarding my experience on PvP realm 3. Here is my experience from playing on the same realm today for a couple hours in the same area and character.


Realm 3

Right on launch, unable to play. Unable to accept quests, find a mob to tag, anything.

Came back 8 hours later to find zones with 40ish players in them. Leveled to 10 in 2 hours, which I consider appropriate. Played a bit more on the second day, with roughly 20 players in the zone. Felt slightly bare, but was still able to group for the elite quest and move on.

I felt like I would have had an enjoyable launch experience with these settings, as I would be able to level quickly and still be able to find help for the elite quests.

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I second this!

I think the amount of players (on server 12 for me, I believe) was the most it should reach. While yes, it took some time to tag mobs it was still doable. I would much rather play with “more” people than none at all!


I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone involved with this project within your company. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you all have put in! So let’s get into it.

I logged in to the stress test about 6:30-7pm est, on June 19th. I made a gnome character on realm 3 and played until about 11 pm est.

First off, the good:
-game felt really well polished, mechanically speaking
-the new graphics aren’t over the top, and add a much needed update
-all the old character models look accurate
-the music and sounds (probably the least of anyone’s worries, match up and work well)

And, secondly, the bad:
-it felt empty, due to the lack of competition for mob tags (I’ve heard since that realm 3 was likely the one you were running live tests on regarding the layer densities)
-phasing presented a few problems; most notably not being able to locate my friends without first being in their group.
-some of the respawn timers for quest items seemed to have been off, in comparison to other items involved in the same part of the quest chain (specific example: hyacinth mushrooms in teldrassil spawning a lot slower than the moonpetal lillies for the quest iverron’s antidote)

In conclusion, I enjoyed it. It could use some improvement still, specifically in the area of layering and the possibility to exploit layer hopping as shown by monkeynews, venruki, and asmongold.

I would like to reiterate a huge thank you to the team. It means a lot to the community that you have been so receptive to feedback, and we can’t wait to come home August 27th!

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I started on Classic 1 but switched after the dc. I went to Classic 3 and it seemed overcrowded(possibly due to lack of servers). At about 3:25PST, I noticed lag on everything but movement. It got steadily worse until 4:15 PST when it was gone. It only took me about 5 mins to log back in after the system dc._Much better than last time.

I was on Realm 15, started June 19th at about 8 PM Pacific. Was pretty crowded, had to group to get mob tags. Honestly was perfectly fine for launch day experience. Launch day is more about social and just having fun, the gameplay suffers but overall that is fine. Would be very crowded if that maintained long term and into zones outside the starting ones.
Played again at about 10 AM on June 20, much less crowded, was about perfect. Realm disappeared for me at about 2 PM on June 20.

Noticed a few “bugs?” rare mobs were respawning before their corpses disappeared. not sure if this is “dynamic” respawns for named NPC that everyone wants to kill or what, but was a bit strange seeing like 4 corpses for Rageclaw in the Ban Ethil Barrow Dens. Also happened with the named furbolg north of the area where you get the dreamcatcher.

(Edited because I forgot to post what realm I was on) Realm 3. My second day experience began around 10 AM Pacific time and ended at 2 PM

I’ve been waiting for years to play WoW in a state that I enjoy it. I haven’t truly enjoyed playing since Wrath ended. The stress test was…interesting. At first there were people everywhere and it was quite a frustrating mess. Whoever was in charge started to shard players when the server got laggy and things were not bad. I saw people all over the place and had no problems partying up with people when it was necessary.

My second day was not a good experience. I logged in and nobody was around me. I was sharded into exile. I thought that maybe a trip to Org would let me find some more players, but I encountered 5 other people in the entire city as I made my way around it. Trade chat was popping off, but players were nowhere to be seen and after several hours of play my exile in shardsvile remained.

Sharding itself wasn’t exactly a problem. It was beneficial on the first day. But on my second day I was in a desolate wasteland with no hopes of interaction in sight. Community is what makes this game. Bumping into strangers and maybe making a friend. Maybe you see that person a few months down the line and remember them and group up with them again, maybe that gets you talking and you join their guild. Maybe a lot of things happen. Maybe they don’t. What I can say in certainty is that without those interactions none of the previously mentioned outcomes will occur, and that’s what will determine if Classic is a success or a flop.

Sharding should be a last ditch effort only implemented when server performance is being effected and and it should be undone as soon as possible. I hope that Blizzard can realize this and find a way to implement sharding in this way.

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