Feedback: Same-Faction Battlegrounds Test

I really really like the change. Please keep it blizzard first time actually able to play pvp as horde in a long time


So far I love it KEEP THIS CHANGE!


You can talk to the other team, what is this insanity?! (I just got a Ally vs Ally)


This is literally the best change to the game you guys have made in over 5 years


For pvp focused players, imho, yes. Horde have better more focused pvpers, more wpvp attendance, and better racials.


Wait for real?


This change is going to single handedly keep me from canceling my subscription. Thank you very much for listening and making things better.


Its fun to be able to play! I think that both factions shouldn’t be able to talk to each other like in Arenas. Other then that working well and love it.


Oh man… really? I don’t even engage in trash talk but if you get hurt by someone trash talking inside a pixel world… man… that’s just sad.

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Yeah, I got a belf mask xD

But I queue and it pop in a second, idk how this work

I hope the Horde trolls that are just reporting everything they dont like to see realize that Blizzard can still see all of the hidden posts that you’re wrongfully reporting.


Just played my first horde vs horde game in AB. Was awesome, even if we lost 2000 to 1940.

Heres my feedback.

The pros:

  • Instant queues! I can’t even describe how amazing of a change this is.
  • New faces to fight. Grinding R13 early in classic, I saw a lot of the same players. I met an undead rogue on the opposite team who was great, it was refreshing to fight new, good pvpers.
  • The fact that these queues will bolster a deeper arena player base.
  • People in my guild who don’t pvp explicitly saying “Maybe I’ll pvp now” bring a smile to my face

The meh:

  • Facemasks are funny, but strange. Don’t know how I feel about them.

The cons:

  • You can understand the enemy team in /say - I noticed some toxicity in the BG. I think it would be good to make enemy chat unintelligible.

I’ve played since day 1 of Vanilla release and I think this is the absolute best change made so far. Thank you for implementing it.


Absolutely love this, best change to the game i’ve seen. Please keep this. 20 second queue time on horde vs the previous hour and a half before the change.


the masks are random, 1st one I got was human woman and now my elf has a gnome male

but it’s supposed to queue you to same faction if not enough opposite faction teams.

You should be encouraging faction balance, Blizzard. This will do nothing to help a struggling Alliance faction with PvP.

Edit: Was banned four days for the above, including a denied appeal - in a thread specifically asking for feedback no less. Says everything you will ever need to know about this company and the incompetent temps currently staffing it.


Keep repeating it until it stays lol


Honestly loving it. It could be like RBGs in retail though where you cant understand or see /say and /yell /emote. quick Qs are great so far.

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Terrible change to the game with clear long term reprocussions to faction balance. Rebalancing Horde racials ala Wrath (WotF shared cd with trinket) and letting the population dynamics work themselves out would be healthier.

Deleting posts in a feedback thread? Seriously?


Congrats to the Horde! Now, let’s talk 24/hr playtime for solo alliance queue in losing bg’s. It pretty much equates to same honor/hour horde WERE getting, but now their insta pops means horde will outpace alliance pvp’ers gearing.


Please enter the Battleground queue in-game over the next four days, and then after you’ve experienced it, let us know how it went for you in this thread.