FEEDBACK: Dragonflight Pre-Order Bonuses!

Hey guys,

So I noticed that pre-orders for Dragonflight have started today, With (3) different editions you can purchase for some cool in-game rewards!

Those (3) editions, Are on the Shop or you may purchase in-game on the in-game shop. The more expensive the edition you picked the greater the rewards!

Personally, I chose to get the Epic Edition, As it has everything that I wanted. The Tangled Dreamweaver mount and the (2) bonus pets, Along with 30-days gametime!

The mount itself is really cool looking. One of the better mounts I’ve seen lately as I enjoy collecting drakes! I love the idea of the back of this mount looking like tree-like moss. Personally, I’m making this particular mount one of my main mounts to ride around on now.

The pets you get as well are cool looking. Especially the red murloc looking one. I feel these bonuses are going to be well received by the community in general for those that decide to pre-order Dragonflight.

I know Shadowlands had a mount and a pet you got for pre-ordering before it came out along with Mists of Pandaria. But these new rewards are def top of my list for best pre-order rewards for any expansion for World of Warcraft!

Hoping now to get into the beta for when it starts sometime. Would love to help beta test Dragonflight as this expansion is looking to be a great one from what I’ve seen and read online so far!

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The mount is an absolute banger. One of the coolest pre-order mounts for sure. A home-run and worth it for any mount collector out there. Extremely detailed and a unique look compared to the other dragon mounts.

One thing I am a little disappointed in is the transmog part of the epic edition. Instead of a full set we get a helmet mog and 5 colors of dragon wings as a back cosmetic. The helmet is fine, not really my cup of tea but I’m sure some of the mog masters out there will put it to good use. The wings however look incredibly flimsy on larger races. They almost seem miniature. Would have loved to see them stretch down a little further instead or just be a little larger in general. They don’t appear like they would be able to support a Tauren or orc should it take to the sky which is a little disappointing. It makes them look a little awkward.


I agree. I would have much rather seen a full transmog set like the Shadowlands one, even if it was obtained in game via some type of farming, etc. While I might use the helm, I’m not sure I’ll ever use the wings.

I’d also like to say that the Timewalker’s Hearthstone effect is pretty underwhelming when compared to the Shadowlands one and all the different ones we got during Shadowlands itself.


Most of my guild had pretty much the same reaction here. Love the mount, love the pets, but the transmog wings were disappointing. I kind of like the hearthstone animation but most of my guildies didn’t.


I usually just get the base version of the expansion now days, I used to always get the physical collectors editions.

The extras from the other editions are kinda nice, except the wings. I think the wings need some work, they look kinda bad just being static (yes I know they do slightly move, but its hardly noticeable). It would have been nice if the wings flapped when jumping or opened up falling.

The mount is nice, but I do think if I had it I’d probably never use it.

The hearthstone isn’t anything special, not very different to some of the other ones we have had but I suppose it would be hard to make a dragon themed hearthstone without being over the top or annoying.

The pets are cute, one thing I wish that would happen is that Murkastrasza would have some special interaction with Deathy

The helm transmog…err…it’s a nice looking helm but if I had it I would never use it as I cant think of what outfit it would work with, that and I tend not to wear helms anyways


I liked all the rewards except the wings. I also think that the price of the base edition is somewhat high, but I see it well for the others.