GD: FEEDBACK: Dragonflight Pre-Order Bonuses!

I don’t consider this post as Feedback more like an appreciation post / include me on the beta test kind of thread.

My only concern with this Pre-Orders is on the value for the general expansion pack, since all the prices were raised by 10$ and this will impact different depending on the region/country.

Besides that there’s a lack of trust from the community about an expansion pre-order without further details, since we only got previews for DK/ DRUID Talents and there’s not too much details since the announcement and some Q&As.

I doubt there’s going to be any response from Devs on this council post or any input regarding the increase and expected release time, I’d like to see a road map for WoW as mentioned by Ybarra

That’ll create more trust about the patch releases, drough content times…etc among the community.