Feedback: Delves

Hello everyone, welcome to the start of Delves end game testing on the realm, “These Go To Eleven”!

We’re very excited to have people come in and see what we have in store for our endgame difficulty.

We wanted to start things off with a layout of what we currently have, what we’re planning next, and our goals behind these decisions.

Before Season 1 begins in The War Within players will have access to Tiers 1, 2, and 3 difficulty in delves. We expect players who have been keeping up with the current season will prefer tiers 2 and 3, while newer players will begin in tier 1 before graduating up to 2 and eventually 3 when they gear up.

When Season 1 begins we will open up tiers 4 through 11 along with introducing a few mechanics in tiers 4 and above: seasonal progression, death counters, and Zekvir’s Influence.

Seasonal Progression

Seasonal progress can be obtained from any delve when the season begins. Playing at higher tiers will reward more progress, but players will still be able to complete the season at lower tiers.

We want players to be able to find the difficulty that they enjoy and focus on that without feeling that they need to push higher to complete the seasonal track.

Tiers 9-11 are planned to have a higher difficulty curve as we do not plan on giving out increased power rewards there. They will give out gear at the equivalent of a Tier 8 delve. We’re doing this so we can tune these delves to be particularly difficult without creating the assumption that all players should strive to hit tier 11.

Death Counter

In Tiers 4 and above players will start with a pool of lives. When you release after dying the counter will lower. Players who reach zero lives can still finish delves, but they will miss out on bonus rewards like cosmetics and unlocking the next tier of difficulty. Every death that happens after you reach zero lives while fighting a boss will grant players a small buff to help them with the final boss fight.

Our goal with the death counter is to give players a barometer to measure their success in a delve without being overly penalizing.

Zekvir’s Influence

We have our mysterious 13th delve that we will not be releasing to test during the beta. This includes its inhabitant, Zekvir, the Hand of the Harbinger. However, Zekvir will prove to be a threat throughout delves even if he isn’t physically there.

Random groups of enemies will receive various boons from Zekvir. As you go higher in tiers, more groups will be chosen and the boons will increase in their difficulty. Players who are able to defeat these empowered groups will earn increased seasonal progress at the end of the delve.

Our design behind Zekvir’s Influence is to add more challenges in higher tiers beyond, “number go up”. We want to differentiate this from the affix system in Mythic +, which is why this only impacts some groups in a delve as opposed to all of them.

What’s Next?

On the realm, “These Go To Eleven”, you’ll find a helpful Zandelvari in Stormwind and Orgrimmar who will port you to specific delves. You can also unlock all of Brann Bronzebeard’s curios at rank 1 and set his level to be 10.

Our immediate plans for the beta update after this will be improving the messaging of Zekvir’s Influence, both from who is being impacted by it and how much I am being rewarded for this. We are actively working on this, so expect some more fun things in next week’s update for this.

There will be ongoing balance tuning for the classes and Brann’s abilities as well. Are some tiers too hard for a class? Is tier 11 too easy? Let’s find out!

We’re looking forward to everyone’s feedback. Welcome to the endgame of Delves!


Why would we even bother to continue then?

A death counter seems unnecessary. Beating the final boss should be sufficient to proceed.


Exactly this is the exact system I feared we were getting, please don’t do this! Many solo players want cosmetics rewards and are not trying to apply for any Esports bullcrap!


Who said E-sports? These stipulations are more likely being added because of the meta achievement associated with Delves that awards a mount.


It’s not timed, lol. Or if it is I certainly didn’t notice it. Challenging content that isn’t a stroll through the gardens does not equate esports bullcrap (and for the record, I think esports focus is stupid).

Initial feedback on the one I just did:

It was my first one. I started at level 4 (cause it let me). It was pretty interesting. I liked that Bronn collected stuff for me, even if I didn’t have the profession. I thought it was a bit too easy; I wasn’t in combat as much as I wished. Lots of running around collecting things. The map was kind of small. I was anticipating more exploration like a wing of Torghast, but that def isn’t what I got. I basically went in a circle completing several quest objectives, only to have it turn me around and run the other way until i was done and had to fight a boss who died in 20 seconds.

I am hopeful the higher difficulties are actually challenging! I liked the return of “anima powers” and I hope they are more frequent and common. I only had 3, but one of them was nice (bunch of stats unless i hit 66% HP or lower).

Overall, I think it’s a fascinating concept and I look forward to messing around with it more when the kids go to bed.

Currently there’s no ambient sound (like if I am just standing there, there’s no sound of things happening around me which is offputting).

The interface for bronn is also not working? Despite asking Zandelvar for Curios and level 10, it wouldn’t let me do anything with the combat or utility spots…


100% this! /10char

I understand their point though.

challenging content is fine. If I want to beat my head against the wall try to get through… say… Level 8 to progress to 9, why can’t I.

As someone else said. Level boss defeated should be the thing that opens the next level.


Imagine the outcry if the Mage Tower had a death counter on it… LMAO!


Curios still don’t seem to be working. I cannot select Combat or Utility curios that I have collected.

Have done delves up to rank 7. 609 gear on 11 so a bit overgeared still. Brann stands in too much crap.

The delves themselves seem somewhat interesting in their puzzles? They are very fast. I get why 3 of them is necessary for the first vault each week.

Perhaps a way to get the keys for testing purposes so we get a better idea of loot rewards seems like a solid idea.

Also curios are very bugged.

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So is the testing supposed to be for solo play? I am trying to do it as a group, and the non leader is not able to queue the group, but when the leader does only the leader is ported in. Is this intended or a bug?


Because you still get gear and currency on completing a delve


One immediate piece of feedback after doing a level 4 and 5 delve is that the respawn points should not activate just based on proximity. Please make them tied to any mobs nearby that would aggro immediately upon respawning there.

A second issue I encountered (tier 5 tak-rethan abyss, not sure if its an issue with this one in particular) is after dying to the last boss (knockbacks are fun lol) Brann did not respawn until I died again.

Stopping by again to let you know that we’ve fixed the issue of curios not being awarded properly. If you were previously unable to acquire curios, use the grant option from Zandelvari to properly acquire them.

I also experienced the pain of death chaining when a respawn point was right next to an elite mob in The Waterworks, however there are other ways to mitigate this without requiring additional mob kills.

I don’t think mobs should be able to aggro to the player who just revived at a respawn point. This could be addressed in numerous of ways with some examples being

  • Change mob placement and patrols to not intersect with respawn locations
  • After reviving grant temporary stealth

Can you comment if were supposed to be able to queue as a group or not?


Delves are single player

They are 1-5 player experiences I believe. Could be bugged on Beta.

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They are not actually. I was asking in terms of this current testing as the leader is the only one ported in.

" Bring Your Friends or Go Solo

Along with your NPC companion, Delves can be explored solo or with a group of up to five, with any combination of classes. And, since they take 10-15 minutes on average to complete, they’re ideal for players who want to experience a meaningful game progression without significant time commitments."

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There was already a topic on delves blizzard did you need to create another one HUH? Devs should read the others too