Feedback: Colossus Warrior in The War Within

Interrupts mobs that are immune to stuns by forcing movement?

Typically mobs that are immune to stuns would be immune to other forms of cc…perhaps? I see what you are saying tho.

Knock ups and stuns do not DR with each other. So even if your group has made mobs stun immune, the knock up should prevent mobs from casting spells.

Edit: Also assuming no additional changes the other choice node for shockwave (+2 seconds to Shockwave) makes it one of the longest AoE stuns in the game. Thats a very powerful tool.

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Arms really already lacks damage now we will have a short window of doing a little more. Seems gimmicky to me. The taking less damage is a good thing since every class gets blown up with cds. Make us hit harder and make bleeds less effective

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I might play Arms just coz it makes me bigger! Honestly 5% increase in size isn’t much. Make it at least 25%


We’ve noticed a few common questions about Colossus, and we’d like to clarify some points.

First, on the flavor, Colossus Warriors are big and mighty, but they are also veterans of countless battles and have the expertise to use that brawn most effectively. They are the fearsome combination of raw physical ability and mastery of warfare that no one wants to face on the battlefield. Mechanically, Colossus will aim to deliver some of the biggest melee hits around, and sometimes those big hits come from knowing precisely when and where to hit their target for maximum effectiveness.

Regarding Demolish:

  • Demolish is a 2 second channel, and the Warrior is unable to move or use other abilities while channeling, similar to Eye Beam. A Colossus player will have to think tactically about when and where is optimal to use it. This is an intentional part of the flavor of the ability.
  • Every hit of Demolish will hit hard, so you’ll want to use it as soon as you can.
  • The “you are grounded” terminology in Unstoppable Force was intended to reflect granting an immunity to stuns and knockbacks. The tooltip has been updated with more clear language.
  • The visuals for Demolish are still being iterated on, but to give an idea of where we’re going for currently:
    • The channel starts with a quick two-strike combo leading into a big windup into a massive overhead slam that cracks the ground in the affected area.
    • The two initial strikes should feel like you’re ramping yourself up and putting the target off-balance so you can land the massive final hit.
    • We’re explicitly trying to avoid feeling like Rampage or the flurry attack from Fyr’alath.

The Warrior class tree will receive a significant re-arrangement in The War Within, and we are pleased to confirm that it is possible and easy to take Storm Bolt and Shockwave at once. We’d also like to add that we are positioning Shockwave primarily as a utility ability, so the bonus damage passive talent will be be removed.

For those Warriors interested in more interactions with Execute, keep your eye out for Slayer :wink: Thanks to all for the feedback!


Being rooted as a melee is not an enjoyable experience. It wasn’t with the trinket from Vaults, it hasn’t been with the legendary and it won’t be when the entire hero spec centers around an ability with roughly 30~ sec cooldown with cool down reduction.

This cannot be an ability that hits hard for as frequently we will be casting it unless it makes up a majority of our dmg. I think it is worth clarifying how hard hitting hard is.

We also need to address the issue that is the use of it on pull. Right now the warrior will begin the encounter with 0 stacks and so our first cast of demolish with lust, trinkets, procs and all available cooldowns will be the softest hitting cast of the fight.

We need a node that grants the warrior 10 stacks when X cooldown is used. Tuning does not matter here, the goal is to avoid the feelbad feeling of using our hero spec defining ability with 0 stacks.

We will math out and figure out which is best and do that, but can we nip this in the bud now and make things feel great by making that first cast on pull feel good?


How long will the “being rooted” trade-off stay until your death log analysis concludes that too many deaths are caused by it?


Every time i use the Fyralath active ability and i have to just stand there and finish the cast is an unenjoyable experience.
Players that picked melee classes to play instead of casters did it so they don’t have to cast. With Fists of Fury at least you can move, with Eye Beam you can aim, if the warrior ability puts you into a standby like Fyralath does, then it’ll suck big time.

And now you’re making another class mechanic in the form of an uncontrolled cast.
I hope you never give ret that kind of mechanic, it’s NOT fun.

Using Fyralath on the treants/boss and then a pool is created below you, or an orb comes at you cause someone didn’t get theirs in time… we’ll let’s just say that i had a handful of such misfortunes. Glad i don’t play warr to keep experiencing that “fun” mechanic.


Don’t make this another hill to die on. So far few post their grievances online but I have yet to see statements praising this trade-off and if none of those show up this aspect of the ability should be removed.

It is a new spell and players should want to use it because it is fun.

This is not fun.


You’ve been able to move while casting Fist of Fury since like what, Legion pre-patch? Goes to show how little devs care about monk and WW in particular when they don’t even know how iconic abilities work.


Hell yes, I love everything about it.

The feeling and theme of Colossus is coming through, for me. As for the rooted part I know some don’t like it, but really its not an issue at all (fyralaxe isnt that bad to use at all) - if the channel can be hasted; awesome, if not, its just a timing thing and thats not much to ask for.


I would ask the team to highly reconsider the “unable to move” aspect of Demolish. Not being able to control you character has historically been a pain point for players and leads to frustration. It’s been tolerable on items like Fyr’alath or Draught of Souls but that’s largely because they had longer CDs.


Grant us max stacks of Colossal Might when we use Avatar, maybe on the node that increases mortal strike damage. Giving them on colossus smash would be far too powerful as every cast would be max stacks.

Avatar is perfect place to put such a mechanic as the 20 second duration means we can use it before the cooldown is up, get max stacks and force the cooldown to be usable with the end nodes cooldown reduction while at max stacks.

There’s room for the player to express themselves in creative ways, but we really need a way to stimpak the hero-spec with maximum resources.


Another “problem” with this or rather Arms in general: Test of Might and Anger Management are the best choice(s) for builds quite often and this 2 second ability does not consume any rage while Arms will tend towards being rage-capped quite often later in the xpac gearing process.
Any plans to address this or rather the over-arching problems of strong talents and rage management?

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No thank you sir. I do not want to ever have a 2 second channel that keeps me rooted in melee. It’s just not fun.


Whoever designed this doesn’t play Arms/Prot or warrior (PvP standpoint) in general; nobody wants this.


I enjoy the sound of it, you don’t speak for me or a lot of people.


Nobody who knows how to PvP as a warrior wants to be ‘grounded’ for 2 seconds; it’s bad design.

I’m sure some m+/raiders feel the same, but I can’t comment on that I havent’ PvEd since BfA.


nobody wants to root themselves every 20-30 (after cooldown reduction) seconds for 2 seconds as a melee. Fryalath does that every 2 minutes and people hate that. So its just a weaker version of Fryalath.

Yeah “its going to hit hard” sounds great till you have to nerf it due to pvp.

Its just a weaker version of bladestorm still. Boring.