Feedback about current Havoc, for Dragonflight

I think Havoc having complexity in mastery would be amazing honestly, because there’s no shot they rework our core right? So we’ll still have a pretty simple to use rotation. Maybe something like making fel rush augment our next chaos ability. More mastery % means bigger chaos nova range, eye beam demonic duration, chaos strike damage. Idk but I would be happy for more baseline complexity in our class.

I mean, we need a rework, and that’s not me being subjective.

I’m hoping we get in Dragonflight. If we don’t, this spec is just doomed to always barely survive by being a shadow of borrowed power.

We will not be good in Dragonflight if we don’t get a rework.

We wont be good at all if we cant even get some Blizzard Communication

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I have extremely low expectations for our DF tree, I actually think DH as a whole not only Havoc will be DOA. I’ll still play it, but obviously I’d like us to have more fulfilling gameplay that isn’t RNG Necrolord procs haha

I feel like I’m the only one that likes momentum? Momentum + Essence Break + Unbound Chaos was a lot more fun than Demonic. Demonic just is same rotation but as a Demon. I did however like Darkglare Boon and the many eyebeams and prolonged Meta form.

Linking this just for the addition to the list on that thread

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Mastery will never be a good stat unless 100% of our damage is chaos damage or/and they add some kind of talent synergy. See antorus dh that only used chaos strike, eyebeam, and foti. All of these did chaos damage and yet vers was still pretty competitive with mastery

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They still do Chaos Damage, just our Mastery was nerfed into oblivion so it doesnt scale as much as verse

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The fact that they’re taking so long to release the DH talents makes me optimistic. Hopefully they’re reworking our base kit!

Or at the very least I hope they make our mastery not complete garbo. Idk how it hasn’t been changed in six years lol

Ty for pointing that out, idk how Illidonkey was confused there

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The point just zoomed right past you didn’t it. They could buff our mastery by 50% and you would still stack vers because most of your abilities don’t do chaos damage

Almost every class stacks versatility in some way so we are laughing at you. If your argument was for mast/Vers instead of haste/vers it would be understandable

The problem isn’t our mastery not being good and I feel like I already said that. The problem is it’s not the meta, and you want it to be. Which I think I’ve stated generally earlier as well. Might have been a different thread

They could buff Mastery by 50% and your argument would still be irrelevant, the reason we stacked Mastery in Legion was because of Chaos Blades. So if they were too right now, buff Mastery 50%. Right off the bat, Chaos Theory would be a contender in ST Legos. Putting First Blood/ToR into play as well, believe Glaive Tempest does Chaos Damage too, so you could go both ways with that. You want a 4 Second DoT that deals Chaos Damage or do you want burst chaos damage? The only difference between Chaos Blades and the lego is that the lego only affects Chaos Strike, which, if our mastery is buffed 50%, Chaos Strike/Annihilation will no longer hit like a wet noodle, Trail of Ruin will do around 2500 over 4 seconds, and glaive tempest if chosen over ToR will be used on CD. Add in the new M+ rotation with the Karazhan stuff and you got yourself a pretty nasty build.

Also Eye Beam will do things… BIG THINGS… mmm minus the sq rt bull crap tho

Would we still stack verse? Sure why not its extra damage ALL AROUND. But would you rather go Haste/Mastery or Mastery/Verse?

Buddy you didn’t run chaos blades in antorus because you ran demonic

Im talking throughout most of legion my dude, not just Antorus, yeah the meta shifted with Antorus. But we ran Chaos Blades before then

Ok and my entire argument was antorus because it was a tier where our entire damage profile was chaos damage and yet mastery was only slightly better than just running vers. The mastery needs to be completely reworked at this point because it’s beyond useless

switching classes a long time and burrys any achievement progress you made thats not accoutn wide and alot of them are not account wide until fully completed

Demon Hunters are meant to be an incredibly simple spec and will never see complexity. Blizz said they designed DH around being a spec for newer players to pick up and master quickly.

If you want complexity so bad there are a myriad of classes and specs with what you are looking for.

“14 days later” go back and read the post I don’t

We were just talking about how complexity could be a cool rework.