Feb 6th Guardian Druid buffs reverted

Talking about this:


  • Reinvigoration’s Frenzied Regeneration cooldown reduction increased to 20/40% (was 15/30%).
  • Layered Mane chance to proc increased to 10/20% (was 5/10%).

Those two got reverted back to their previous values with 10.0.7

Can we at least not stealth-nerf the worst tank? Thanks.


i would look at the changes because i don’t see any nerfs or changes to guardian druid for this patch regarding this.

is for today

  • Thorns of Iron has been redesigned – When you cast Ironfur, also deal Physical damage equal to 30% of your armor, split among enemies within 12 yards. Damage reduced above 4 applications.
    • Developers’ note: Implementation of these new effects will be added in a future PTR build, functionality for this week’s PTR might be a little buggy while we work on these new effects.
  • Thorns of Iron is now affected by the Guardian Druid specialization passive, and its damage values have been adjusted accordingly.
    • Developers’ note: This is a net neutral change to the Thorns of Iron ability.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Bristling Fur’s global cooldown to not be reduced by Haste.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Circle of Life and Death to incorrectly reduce Pulverize’s duration

and if it was fixed it might be an error… might want to in-game report or tweet them over the forums

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That’s why they’re stealth nerfs? I am in-game and they are definitely nerfed back to their former values.

  • Reinvigoration talent has been cut from 40 → 30%
  • Layered Mane has been cut from 20 → 10%

This isn’t really up for debate it’s in the actual live game and wasn’t in the patch notes. Woo nerf the worst tank good job blizz lmao


you didn’t read the whole message… which is fine. but i’ll state it again. it could be an error and needs brought to their attention just not in general forums but via tweet/in-game report


I reported those every week on the PTR.

Same way I reported the 10 bugs Guardian had on 10.0.5 PTR and they didn’t get fixed until 3 days after it was live.


Seems to have been fixed between OP and now. Thanks



Can confirm.


Worst tank…?

I feel like I have to play druid right now because they are so powerful lol

I can just sit there and FR+regrowth for 75k HPS as a 392 guardian almost every GCD and do damage like a mediocre DPS. I feel like a butthead playing my warrior or monk.

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Yes. By far. But it doesn’t affect you if you don’t do higher content. They just don’t scale.


It’s almost like the stat inflation should end somewhere else and higher content should have loot rather than extended leveling so they could balance it :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re timing 20s just fine lol.

Skill issue

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It’s not like the scaling is random. Druids falling apart in high keys is a feature, not a bug. They’d rather Druid tank players reroll to a “real” tank. Outside of end of shadowlands with BDK busted set bonus, shield tanks have always been the best, and they always will be.

It’s just leftover detritus from the days of a hybrid tax, which even back then wasn’t impartially distributed.

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He never said otherwise. He said it is the worst tank, not that it is an impossible to play tank. It’s just that the same players that barely manage to do 20s with Guardian Druids can do 23s with Prot.

IQ issue, yours.


Hybrid tax doesn’t impact Paladin. :slight_smile:

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When people say "worst " they mean in Mythic raids or M20+.

Bear tanks, as you say, are awesome at lower level content.

Right, any class and spec can time 20 keys, the issue though is eventually you’ll hit a ceiling with how high you can push keys. Given you need specific comps and abilities to push as high as people have so far that isn’t present for other classes and specs.

Plenty of Guardians are in range for .5% title for season

Skill issue


It does not matter. If every tank is amazing and one tank is just good, it is still the worst tank. You’re just not a very bright person.

IQ issue.


I think 20 is like the limit of what people should be able to achieve “their way”. Going beyond 20 should require using the meta for most people and min/maxing the hell out of the experience, because that’s the target demographic that experience is designed for.

The idea of making it so all classes can push to the absolute limit, you’d just have a neverending arms race of power creep. It’s fine for outliers to exist, because the min/maxers play a game of determining what outliers are optimal to push as far as possible.

Up to unlocking portals though, everyone should have a fair chance at success, and I think that’s currently the case.

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14 Bears.
Over 300 Paladins.

Something doesn’t add up here.

Also, The title is .1% not .5%.