Feat of Strength Available for a Couple More Days

So I guess this thing happens every 4 hours? So should happen in a bit over an hour from now (6pm PT I think). All I need to do is grab and orb and try to walk it to the forge? Can “everyone” get this (like the soup event) or are we going to be fighting each other over the orbs?

Just not clear to me what’s going on. But I’m a Gnome, so I never have very good view of things anyway. Maybe if I get on my mammoth…

There isnt any timegating. SO what you said makes zero sense.

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I like the mount but I don’t know if I want to do it, but ty for the cool unique content for the community!

Go away, find someone else to troll.

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Calling me a troll because you are claiming something that doesnt exist exists doesnt actually make me a troll.

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Just stop, you know what I’m talking about and are saying cliche opposing statements for the usual brick wall chat loop troll.

If you want reacts, go watch a react streamer on twitch.

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No actually I dont because there is zero chance what you are complaining about is real, thats why you wont clarify to the people that have asked you too

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If it isn’t already obvious to you in game then there will be no convincing you here.

Although I do think you know what I’m talking about and are going to lead into “it doesn’t count because x/y/z” type react farm argument loop I have no interest in holding.

The feedback above irregardless is for the developers, as per earlier comments.

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Then you shouldnt have any issue pointing it out. The fact you are so defensive or point it out proves it doesnt.

So you cant defend your claims

Devs dont read these forums

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You are being told to drop it. You are not given the right to flame everyone until they give you the react argument loop you want.

Opinions are being left for developers, players do not owe other players an argue loop, especially not on wow forums.

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You are posting in a open forum. If you dislike responses either stop responding or dont post. You dont get to post a controversial statement and then tell people they cant respond to it.

I havent flamed anyone. I asked you a simple question to clarify what you meant.

Devs dont usually read the forums. On top of that anyone can respond on an open forum.

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Go start a new thread asking about it if you want to discuss or argue it further with other people.

I have no interest in an argument loop.

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Thats not how this works. You made the claim, I asked you to clarify, you refused to clarify.

What you claim doesnt exist if you cant actually back up your statements

Yet instead of actually clarifying your point you keep responding with deflections.


You are being told to drop it once again.

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I dont think you understand how a public forum works. You are free to stop replying to my posts.

I am going to continue asking for clarification.

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Here we go again with FOMO

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Just in case this is still helpful:

The arcane forge thingies has an icon on your map in town and it will show you the remaining time until the event starts.

For the achievement, there are zero requirements in regards to prior secrets. Just turn up and help out.

It took my server about 20min last night to power the forge from 0-150.

There are zappy crystals all over town that you can loot and walk to the forge. However, it slows you down to like 10% movespeed and only lasts about 20 seconds? You must use the special action bar to throw it to either yourself or another player before the 20second buff runs out or you lose the charge.

If an elemental steals the charge you must kill him to get it back.

Best bet if you’re having trouble having a charge is to find someone moving at a snails pace and stand 20-40yds ahead of them and let them know you’re open for a pass then return the favour once they run past your slow butt.

I’m not 100% sure if you need to actually put power in the forge to get credit or if you just need to be sitting around it when it completes.

Once it completes, if you gathered the 3 parts for the Mount, feel free to stand on it and craft the Mount by clicking one of the parts in your bags. The is no achievement associated with creating the Mount so feel free to craft it whenever.

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Some extra tips:

  • Throwing the orbs has a HUGE range. Use that to your advantage.
  • Once someone has thrown an orb to you, you can “cheat” by moving forward before the orb reaches you.
  • Disengage is a VERY useful tool. Just be careful where you aim.

It’s FOMO for a feat of strength, so it classifies as FOMO-content by default.

Those empty rocket barrels that are around on the map become interactable once you’ve picked up one of the crystal things. Click it, you’ll be able to fly to the forge if you aim right