Feat of Strength Available for a Couple More Days

Small critique on the 2pm PDT time for it ending…just a casual observation but what type of player do they have in mind when they make things begin or end in the middle of the standard work week?

The low work ethic “working (wink wink)” from home folks?

The unemployed? The night shift crowd? Drop outs? People just randomly on PTO?

The largest portion of the player base that works full time probably holds day shift (because it’s the largest employed shift (whatever constitutes day shift) overall in the country I assume it applies to this player base).

It did occur to me as I type this perhaps it’s a calculated time they determined is globally most appropriate for the largest amount of players? But if there’s regional versions of the game and regional company offices …why not suit times for each region?

Oh well a quick thought turned into a short novel didn’t know I’d go this deep into it.

Have a good day to all that see this.

Lol not surprised I guess.

Just remember, if you whine loud enough, you’ll get those pesky limited time event time-frames changed.

You think devs read this forum?

I think that’s highly unlikely. Even the Moderators only post drive by comments infrequently.

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We have several people who are disabled and don’t work and several night/evening shifters in my guild so a fair amount of us play in the mornings/days as well as the evenings.

Took us 40m on our server.

Another hot tip: Don’t throw the orb to someone on a mount, you’ll lose the orb.

I was able to leverage my Burning Rush, which worked well, I just had to eat (eat??) since no one was healing.

I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but it was a fun event.

The spawn rate on the mobs goes up as to get closer to the end, making the end a bit more zany.

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Good move Blizz, when I heard of it, I had 2 chances left and someone in guild had never heard of it, and it was 2am, I bet more guildies didn’t know either.

I wish instead of the loading screen, I saw a screen of news I cant afford to miss. Achievements/mounts/toys/pets with chance to get ending soon, twitch drops, maintenance times, etc… anything players will regret not knowing about until it was too late.

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But given that it provides quite literally nothing, at all, and no points - at all

there’s nothing to “fear” missing out on. You aren’t “afraid” of losing a game-breaking item that’s only temporarily available but will permanently alter the landscape of WoW.

You’re missing a 0point, 0reward achievement.

That’s not FOMO. That’s poor time priority.

FOMO is FOMO. You can’t get it when you don’t get it now.
It can’t get simpler than that, even for a zero point achievement.

Glad to see people are still mad even though they extended the timeframe for a complete nothingburger achievement.

The inherent issue that your entire argument circulates around is the word “fear”. You fail at all times, in all avenues, and all ways to establish any notion of “fear” when it comes to making the conscious decision to in real-time allocate your time to other things that you would rather do, instead of completing the no-reward content available. The entire basis of online gaming is that everything is temporary; it’s a treadmill to keep players engaged and playing.

There is no “fear”. It is available to anyone who stands around for 20mins afk in Vald every few hours. There’s no loss of item, no loss of reward, nothing to be inherently fearful of. The game is not massively changed in any capacity by the completion, nor incompletion of this.

This same insane notion would imply that Wailing Caverns was “FOMO” because now the quests are different and the zone is easy. Or that “S1 DF WAS FOMO” because you didn’t get to participate in M+ RLP. That since you didn’t hit 1600+ in any season ever you’re “FOMO” for the elite pvp sets.

These are not fears. These are personal decisions that you are making, that have no ultimate impact one way or another. - An example of “FOMO” would be rushing to purchase Twitch Prime to claim Tabard of Brilliance before it’s gone. There’s a real-life cost; and a permanent reward that would otherwise be unobtainable that can be metered.

Not this. The example I most commonly use when establishing things that aren’t “FOMO” but hysteria-brains try to make it into “FOMO” is;

You don’t blame McDonalds for taking away the Mighty Wings. You aren’t mad at Chili’s for missing half priced drinks. You don’t yell at Taco Bell when they take away Nacho Fries. They’re all limited time offers; just like most of online gaming. It is impossible, unrealistic, and unfair to expect the entire game to stagnate and pause while you sit around making decisions to participate in other things expecting whatever you want to be at your beckon-call 24/7/365 in perpetuity forever and always.

You should not, and will never have equal access to someone who prioritizes their time accomplishing goals that you do not.

Anybody remember that achievement they had during the Legion prepatch, where you were supposed to collect missives from Doomsayers? The achievement was completed by collecting all the unique missives, some of which were rather rare. There was a cooldown on getting them, but people found that dying would reset the cooldown. It was hilarious fun, people jumping from high places on all their alts to see if one could get all the missives.

They brought it back later in the expansion as part of an event. This time the cooldown did not reset on death. You could only do them on one character account-wide. Given the rarity of certain missives, it’s possible that no one completed that second achievement during its duration.

Fun detected, fun nerfed.


FOMO is not rational, so although you gave a pretty long explanation about it, youre still wrong.

The McRib !

Okay hear me out–

It looks like it’s actually, really, definitely going to be available until 3:00 p.m. PDT tomorrow, Thursday, September 14.



But seriously tho… you couldn’t throw me a bone and respond to my thread?

How about a 14th day there? Come on man!

I dont even know what theyre for, but I see them around

That seems to sum up this forum in general, discussion.

I hear that twitter mobs can be worse, which is pretty sad to be honest.