Feat of Strength Available for a Couple More Days

It’s feedback for developers, it doesn’t need elaboration every time.


Honestly I’m not sure what this is.


It’s by the crafter’s area, next to the Loamm mole that gives weekly quests.

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When you learn about something like this from Wowhead…

Instead of the damn game.


It’s direcly related to the Secrets of Azeroth event. If they gave you all the information in the game, that wouldn’t be very secretive. You could always hang out in the Secrets discord instead of Wowhead, if that makes you feel better :smile:


…a complete whoosh :wind_face:


Scrubbing negative feedback that broke no rules?

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Surely an arcane forge would destabilize/disempower a little whenever there are secrets afoot?

(just a suggestion)

Im sorry what? Whats timegated in this context?


What it’s do?

So far it’s the place where you finish a single secret chain (combining 3 components obtained from secrets introduced in this event into a mechagon-style flying mount).

It’s on a little patch of prime, high traffic real estate but there’s no hint given it will ever be used for anything else. It would certainly make a nice spot for doing gear upgrades.

You know, you just know that the week after the achievement ends someone’s gonna make a post about how unfair it is that they are denied completing their lifes work of getting achievements by this “time-gated” achievement.

Is this mount identical to the one you can get from rustbolt rep?

Good. The amount of whining over a nothing achievement was insane.

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Yes, same model, just a slightly bluer/shinier shade.

( and not linked to the feat of strength )

Thanks for the heads up. Now I can feel smug about not doing it on purpose because time limited stuff like this is part of how you’ve ruined the achievement system


Perhaps (some) people are genuinely feeling sick and tired of limited time rewards n a persistent world game?

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It was two threads of a few people pointing out it was a little disappointing we couldn’t plan ahead to be there for it and not the best design. But in true GD fashion, it’s the whole forum screaming in an uproar. :upside_down_face:

uh okay whatever gets you through the day :+1:

They’ve always been in the game though. It’s nothing new.