Fear Of Losing, and the Beta players of WoW

Yall are trippin on this forum. People should learn to lose games in Arena and not instantly claim its because X class is op.

Its all I see on this forum, paladins today, warriors yesterday. Tomorrow what the next target class the garbage wow casuals will force blizzard to take action on?

These un scheduled hot fixes which change the entire meta of a game ruin the experience for people building teams, investing time in gearing classes, or even new players trying too learn their class. Just the goofiest thing is getting on this forum and seeing the 1000th “a paladin beat me, my crotch hurts” post and everyone just jerking the OP for his original take.

Goofy, and my paladin goes back on the shelf for another day when the light returns to us, and I get to dog on all the cry babies for another week of fun

Whats this, paladin week version 5 at this point? Lol

I had my fun thanks Blizzard.

All mad replys just victems of the cruisade


Paladin tears are the (third) best tears.


Only tears of joy fall from my face

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Tears are tears

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Pallies are still viable, you just can’t 100-0 people in 3 seconds anymore. but keep doing you and keep fotm rerolling lol…


Another Pally week blesses your brain, may it live rent free for all eternity


Where’d you get them facts anyways? Paladin damage got baby nerfs, they’re still up there with warlocks on degeneracy

your wild, what time was it last week when you realized you couldn’t beat a single Paladin anymore lol.

A single paladin? didnt know they came in bunches of less than 3


1 Paladin is equal to 3 so I understand your confusion.

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No no, theres no confusion, i got the screencaps to prove that when the community goes fotm paladin, they go it hard

Kinda silly to deny it tbh

Yeah Paladin Glory Week, I am glad this is your first experience of one, there have been few but all rememberable.

From what I can tell, they all end the same way too.

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They have to because this is the best class in the game and everyone is afraid to have to compete with it.

By best, do you mean “Only class capable of globaling while totally immune to every class but two”?

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no that is why, its the best class.

Close enough.

A cute passive aggressive whine complete with projections of anger in hopes of getting ahead of the inevitable.

Cool story bro :wink:

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Chewing gum and writing names in ur burn book kind of vibes lol

Where did i say in my post on if they are bad? they are still S tier my friend. They just can’t pop their 1 shot macro and 1 shot you anymore thats all.