Fear is busted

I don’t know if it’s just me or other fear users out there but any time I cast a fear on a target they instantly become Usain Bolt and run in a straight line away from me at mach speed. 9 times out 10 this is how fear is behaving. Running in a straight line away from me and the mobs run speed is greatly increased. Anyone else? It’s frustrating when I can’t even get off a shadow bolt before the mob is out of range. No zig zag patterns no standing still, just full speed running in the opposite direction.

I do agree that fear seems to make mobs run away in a straight line more. It used to be that they would run 5-10 yards then change direction, another 5-10 yards and run opposite direction.
The fears are way too “git me outta here”, which i dont remember in classic.
They would always be within distance of me and rarely (if ever) get out of my sight.

the speed thing is what i expected though

  • Feared players and NPCs run fast.

This is not a bug and how it was during classic, at least how I remember it being as well.

check here for not a bug

Not a straight line, no. Fast, yes. Straight line, no.

Can confirm about 9/10 times the target paths in a straight line provided there is nothing impeding it.

It always used to zig zag, turn, run, turn, run, etc. Sometimes doing a 180. Was always fun to watch.