FBI and CIA: No Evidence of Systemic Harassment at Blizzard

what does systemic mean???

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Showing an ongoing pattern.

you had witnesses that came forward and spoke up that should be evidence enough.

Well of course but the OP is bullcrap. They investigated themselves and surprised found that they did nothing wrong at all.

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This =/= systemic.

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The CIA and the FBI were not involved. Full story here:


but yet they found no evidence of systemic harassment so who is lying the people coming forward or the government agencies?

i trust people more over government agencies

They have evidence of harassment not systemic harassment.

From an IGN article regarding Kotick’s salary:
" Finally, the company is advocating shareholders vote for approval of its executive compensation package, which includes reverting Kotick back to his $875,000 annual salary after he reduced it last October to $62,500 amidst calls for his resignation due to the allegations against him and the company. Kotick’s actual pay is typically significantly higher due to stock and numerous other bonuses and awards, though he opted out of several of these last year due to the work culture allegations as well as repeated criticism of his compensation package. Kotick remains eligible for several million in bonuses as early as July 18 if the board determines he has sufficiently made progress in improving the company’s culture."

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its all the same to me harassment is harassment.

That’s not what words mean.


The government did not investigate, Blizzard investigated themselves.


Internal investigations are where investigations go to die lol


Wouldn’t it just be simpler to say a pattern of harassment than “systemic” harassment then?

Everyone always over complicating simple concepts with vague over arching words to keep their minds in a constant Jello state

It’s a little more involved than what I said, but it was explanation enough for this thread :slight_smile:

Really tempted to make a Grommash Blizzard is Harassment Free meme but we know they don’t have a sense of humor over at Blizz

Just wait until AARP and 4H start their investigations.


CIA? Something sounds fishy here.

If the CIA is investigating systemic harassment we’re in trouble.

Their job is to execute targeted harassment of things that hurt the US.

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