Favorite MMO That Didn't Make It?

I think we all have one. Mine was Age of Conan. Stunning OST, free-for-all open world PvP, tons of lore. The game was a mess, but it could've been great. I had fun with it while it lasted.


Glad they are getting another go with Crowfall.
City of heroes/villains, dark age of Camelot, and star wars online.

So so much potential, I just wish they hadn't tried to make it a WoW clone. Oh well....
The very first mmo I played Eqoa on the ps2. Was a really great experience, but not something I think I could get into nowadays with all the grinding involved.

Besides that I really enjoyed Everquest Landmark when things were still bustling with a really great community. There was so much potential for it to be something really different. I was super sad to see it go.
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Gods and heroes - played the beta but was never launched

I always liked phantasy star online.
I was in

Asheron's Call 2 beta.

It is kind of the forgotten one. It seemed pretty good, then the plug was pulled.

Favorite that never even saw a beta, then had the design documents burning in a bonfire:

Ultima Online 2 (forget the actual title.)

It was on the cover of a PC Gamer magazine, back in the day. I was in Everquest (1) at the time, with UO2 looking really amazing. This was pre World of Warcraft (or even us knowing that Wow was going to exist.)

It basically looked a lot like Wow. It sounded fantastic.

EA did this insane thing, where they looked at UO still doing moderately OK and said, "We are stopping this, because we don't want to make something that competes with this already successful thing."

As you can probably figure out, this was really stupid. UO was already dying, basically (yes, it still exists but is ran by that third party company that buys dead MMORPGS.) UO2 would have been the "Next Big Thing", probably coming out in that sweet spot just before Wow did.

One of the few places I could find some UO2/Whatever it was called/ screenshots

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Star Wars Galaxies. Great game where every item in game was constructed by another character. Player housing and storage. Massive pvp fights. I played a Doctor making massive credits buffing people for pvp and questing.

Once they introduced Jedi into the game it started going down hill. I quit and started playing wow. Then the NGE hit and really killed it off.
Everquest Online Adventures.
Was my first MMOPPG. Played it from beta tests in summer of 2002
until March 2010.
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Not necessarily an MMORPG (more like an MMO....shooter, I guess?), but an MMO either way.

Firefall. I got hooked on it for a good while and hated how the game and the company responsible for it both went down the crapper the way they did.

Also Warhammer Online and City of Heroes.
I have two!

Star Wars Galaxies-

This was my first MMO! It was so confusing at first. But, the community was friendly and helpful. It took me forever, but I eventually became a Doctor and had what is still some of the most fun I've ever had in an MMO and played a part in the way I choose to play MMOs today. I would just spend all day in the cantina with a droid (mobile hospital needed for Doctor stuff). I would make so many friends by listening to their "tales" and healing up some HA/M. It was fun to just hang out in a digital world. Pretty much made my living by being an ATK Doctor.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning-

By far my favorite MMO for PvP. Player collision added a ton to WPvP. Standing at the gates and having the enemy team slam against you was a treat that WoW could never hope to capture. The game had a ton of problems, sadly. Broken lore, terrible balance in T4 due to high RRs, so many bugs, missing a ton of potential content, lack of support, ect. It still offered a PvP experience that I've never been able to find in another MMO. I'm also a massive Warhammer fangirl. If a respectable company attempted to make another Warhammer MMO with a greater emphasis on quality, it would easily be my MMO of choice to play.
I would have to go with City of Heroes and Auto Assault.
Archage. Say what you will about the systems and p2w structure, all I wanted from that game was the Archer combat. Archages ranged weapon combat was by far the best in any mmo I've played.
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
I think it was the closest thing to wow.

P.s love this Trailer.

Wildstar and SWToR. Wildstar has kicked it, SWToR has a depressingly low pop.

Wildstar will always be the gold standard of fun MMO combat to me. I'll always be a little bitter over how it was essentially neglected into the ground. It's also a good lesson about listening too much to gamers. Everyone wanted a difficult MMO until they had it.
Loved Wildstar, everything about it. So sad how that went down.
Holy Beast Online was fun when I was younger, but it was a major grindfest. It was the idea that shapeshifting along with evolution stages was pretty exciting to me. Plus the people were fun to hang out with.

Sadly it shut down for reasons unknown to me, and if it ever returned, I'd probably just hop in for nostalgic purposes.
City of Heroes

I'll never forget the first MMO that I ever beta tested. It was the second superhero MMO and was much better than Champions Online. Had a sweet alien invasion at the conclusion of beta. Like WoW, there were certain meta specs that fared better than others. I lucked out by choosing my hero to be an Electricity blaster type (best dps ranged class besides energy blaster) and I named him The Sonic Volt (not to be confused with the Chevy Sonic, or the Chevy Volt...). Game was repetitive. Mission instances were interesting but it was still the same recycled visuals, despite the layout changing. New patches were interesting but they didn't bother to make the leveling process exciting, at all. For all of its flaws, it turned out to be a great game to socialize with others, to design costumes, and to immerse yourself in the fantasy of a superhero (roleplay). I'm hoping a private server is released in my lifetime...

Marvel Heroes

I got to play Iron Man! What's more exciting than that! Game was FTP but had micro transactions. I spent at least $60 on the game. Then it shutdown. Felt like a waste of money and was more repetitive than CoH. Fun for about 2 seconds and everytime after a Marvel movie was released. They continued to add costumes after every movie so that was kind of cool!
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So so much potential, I just wish they hadn't tried to make it a WoW clone. Oh well....

It came out too early :(, the story writing was great but the fact that they bought the engine to make it on is what killed it imo. They just could not fix all the bugs people had problems with :(.

EA is so bad for Bioware too, if Bioware did a crowdfunding campaign for SWTOR it might have gone better. EA puts too many restrictions on developers under them, from what I can tell on the outside :P.
My first MMO was a game called Earth and Beyond. I had so much fun playing that game. It was a space based game with ship combat. You didn't have to be a combat class either, you could play as a trader and level up and make money just by doing trading runs. Might sound boring but there was a system that made that challenging and interesting. I don't quite know remember how it worked though.

One of the coolest things about it was this sense that we, as humans were entering the galaxy that was deep into it's own history, kind of like Star Trek. There were these "jump gates" that nobody quite understood. We could use some of them for fast travel but many of them were dormant so we assumed they would be implemented later on for expansion areas. There were also these aliens that were just kind of there when the game launched. In the lore, they wouldn't communicate or interact with any other races. Then one day out of the blue they all turned hostile and started warping in through all of the unused gates like an invasion force.

Unfortunately right as the game started to come into it's stride EA bought out the developer and shut down the servers. At one time there was a fan project to resurrect the game through reverse engineering but I don't know how that's going these days.