Faerlina to White mane not free?

Confused saw the post paid a sub to come back and it wants 25 dollars to transfer? The top post says FROM Faerlina TO white mane I logged into Faerlina I was 1 of 38 level 70 alliance players logged in can someone help me find the free character migration?

I click SHOP click Services and Character transfer is 25 dollars. Really don’t want to come back to a server I can’t raid on or be in the open world thanks!

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AFAIK, this is the post about Free TBC Classic Character Migrations:

Ahhh I just noticed it was dated September 21st it’s probably over now shoot. Well gratz on 15 bucks blizzard not playing on a server with 37 other alliance people vs thousands of horde.

Oh! The Classic Era transfers, to Whitemane.

This seems to still be available. If you open your World of Warcraft Classic client, navigate to Faerlina character screen, then click on “Shop”, you should see some options in the menu, including “Free Character Transfer.”

Yeah it’s 25 dollars I got lucky enough to find ,15 dollars to resubmit my application bro play again but as of yesterday not allowed anymore I watched the video I saw how it’s done but thank you very much for caring keep believing one day (SoM is a start) they will accept you

The Free Character Transfer is actually free, not 25 dollars, and it works exactly as I described above (I tested it just before I replied above, and again just now).

Not sure what you’re talking about here, but this appears to be #FakeNews. Free transfers for WoW Classic (Classic Era) to Whitemane, are currently working.

So I look right now character screen I see him it’s a nice very nice dranei hunter one of the VERY few I bet. So I click enter world a quick /who 70 shows 23 people on line I understand this it not prime hours ok I respect that. So here we go character migration??? Click /camp click shop character transfer 25 dollars

Wrong forums friends. This is the WoW Classic forums. Draenei are available in TBC Classic.

If you are interested in the TBC Classic free transfer discussion, refer to my original reply to this thread where I linked the discussion regarding free character transfers for TBC Classic:

I gathered that you were actually referring to WoW Classic (Classic Era) after that reply, and which indeed does have free transfers from the Eastern server Faerlina to the Western server Whitemane…

There do not seem to be free transfers off Faerlina for TBC Classic at the moment. I can understand why you might want to see them, since most other Alliance already bailed, you want to run away also. That makes sense. Not because it’s scary, but because you want to play with friends.

One of the game devs made a post. It’s very difficult to find if you look at the forums and navigate normally, so I have no idea where it is. It was made by a dev called something like Agamar (I don’t remember the name or spelling, so it’s very difficult for me to find).

He said something like, "We don’t know what people want. We figure they don’t want to change names. Making decisions is difficult because we don’t know what decisions we should make. We want people to have fun and enjoy the game, but we don’t know how to do that.

Please understand that we are trying, but we don’t know what the best way to do things is, but we are guessing."

Or more or less something like that.

Are you referring to this thread in the Community Council forum? It’s an interesting read.

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Fiction usually is.

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