Faerlina Full at 2:30 PM, Sigh

I guess so. Your god, ion, is fallible.

But I, personally, would say that’s your projection of yourself.

You can’t win. The people that think layers are not related to server caps are the flat earthers of WoW.

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Lol. That’s totally it

Can you imagine how screwed up it would be to see 30,000 people on a single layer bEcAuSe ThE tWo ArE nOt CoNnEcTeD

uhh… You can rent dedicated EC2 instances from AWS. it’s expensive but you pay a premium for it usually.

And when you rent a regular EC2 instance today, they just provide you with a dashboard interface to let you SSH into your server to install your stuff. It’s barely any different from 2004 aside from the annoying part where you need to buy a static IP address from your ISP.

That’s exactly right, the plan is to lower realm population caps to more manageable sizes for phase 2, so when phase 2 hits, queues are probably going to explode for servers like Faerlina or Herod unless a LOT of people leave.

When people say layers are being removed thus lowering the server pop cap this is what they are referring to.

  • Blizzard increased the maximum server pop caps.

  • This is seen as additional layers.

  • When they lower the cap they are removing layers.

  • This is why players are seeing the layers they are in become more populated (because there are now less layers).


Those “cloud computers” are still physical servers sitting on a rack in a data center. They just aren’t owned by whoever is leasing them.

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Time is different where you are in the globe. Thats why we have time zones. Just because its 2 pm your time does not mean that there are other people, who arent in your time zone, who are trying to play as well.

You are also welcome at any point to transfer servers and avoid this “problem”

It really isn’t though, So “What If” 1,000 people took the free server transfer then 1,000 more people made characters in their place. It honestly fixed nothing!

Your common answer is so negligent to the problems.

transfers closed?

That’s true, but the important distinction to make here is that the maintenance of physical infrastructure is now offloaded to the third party, which makes it far easier to expand your processing requirements as needed, without first having to purchase more hardware (or in extreme cases, real estate).

They are related in the sense that the more players logged in to a realm, the more layers there might be.

If there are 15k people logged in, there might be 5 layers, whereas if there are 20k people logged in, that might be more like 7 layers.

All the layers do is split up the existing number of people into manageable chunks so you don’t have thousands of players in one zone competing for the same pig snouts or whatever.

But there is a cap on the total amount of players on each realm, and once that cap is reached, everyone else trying to get in will sit in a queue.

Adding more layers does not increase the total population cap of a server. Having a higher number of players logged in may add more layers, though, up to a server’s cap.

Take the transfer or keep quiet. You are the only reason you are sitting in a queue right now.

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No it isn’t if more people jump on the full server they will just offer transfers off it again. if your not willing to take the solution provided by Blizzard your going to have to deal with longer and longer queues and we will keep laughing at people who complain about a problem they themselves created.


I think I might have cracked the realm cap’s secret formula:

(Number of players allowed on each layer) x (Number of layers allowed on the realm) = Realm cap

It really isn’t though. If people keep joining the server the Transfers don’t fix anything. We need a lot more servers and to restrict new players from joining Max capacity servers.

You literally aren’t seeing the issues at all. There will always be Ques unless other measures are taken.

Yes it does though, maybe it doesn’t DIRECTLY but it is the reason there are more people allowed on one server.

If you removed all layers right now on the capacity they are at, the server would be unplayable. I don’t mean like “OMG I CAN’T TAG ANYTHING” unplayable, I mean like “I can’t login to the server” unplayable.

The REASON they can increase the cap sizes is because of layering. If they wanted to they could increase the cap to WAY WAY WAY WAY more than they have now and just manage it with layering. Without layering this would not be possible.

This is true, layering is the reason we are able to have the massive cap sizes that we do.

I was just trying to explain that you can’t just increase one without the other and expect it to be fine.

Blizzard doesn’t want to increase caps any more, so adding more layers doesn’t really help.

Yup, but what this guy (and many others), are arguing against is people who are claiming # of layers are not related to que times at all. Which is obviously wrong.

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Yeah dead servers, nice solution.