Fae Transfusion is splitting damage with things that can't be damaged (GIF inside)

Link (short 5 second gif):


I really wish Fae Transfusion had some buffs or QoL changes. If the faction itself wasn’t aesthetically amazing, I’d go Venthyr without a second thought.

It feels as though those who designed this ability did not account for two major factors outside of this bug:

  1. It’s a channel.
  2. It’s a 2 minute cooldown base.

Clearly these were thought of individually, but I had a 0.4 second stun interrupt me once, and it’s a bit frustrating.

The AoE heal pulse has an abysmal range, too. Look, I know I should take responsibility for picking a bad covenant purely for the mobility + aesthetics, but I criticize balance all the time regardless, so here I am again.

This bug is just the cherry on top. This ability does NOT need any more obstacles in its way; it’s already a detriment to HPS/DPS in many situations.