F Roll the Bones

I spend more time rerolling “bad” buffs then I do using finishers to attack. Generally it isn’t a bad thing as I don’t mind it and semi like the play style…

My problem is constantly re-rolling the SAME EXACT bad buff 5-8x in a row. By the time I get a good roll, combat ends and I lose most the buff and have to start over again.

I just wish there was a “safety” feature that prevents you from rolling the same buff more then 2x in a row. It gets really annoying in horrific visions where my dmg basically drops to nill while rolling. I just want to scream.

I usually play Assassin, but Subterfuge is broken so I swapped over waiting for a fix. -.-


Energy! CDR! Energy! CDR! SS! Energy! SS + Energy! Energy + CDR!


Run loaded dice with VoP minor. You might lose some DPS, but not much, and you’ll feel pretty great rolling bones. If you wanna lose a bit more DPS, run VoP major, and you’ll never roll single buffs again.

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More like
Energy! Energy! Energy! Energy! CDR! CDR! Energy! SS! Crit!! and groups dead…

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Subterfuge is broken?

You do realize you can change talents if the situation calls for it?

You don’t have to use Roll the Bones.
I would argue that SnD might be a better choice because it’s consistent and predictable. That can be quite valuable when time is of the essence.

You don’t have to use Subterfuge. (I haven’t noticed anything broken about it)
You don’t get much stealth time and elite mobs see through it. So it doesn’t matter much which talent you use from that tier. I might try Nightstalker on my run.

Experiment with your talents. You don’t have to be locked into some cookie cutter spec that doesn’t work for you.


I agree with Westward. Once I got enough standalone haste, I started running loaded dice with VoP and it feels much better. Especially in longer boss fights.

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You should stop worrying about “perfect” rolls then. Basically the only useless one is True Bearing. Anything else you should try to keep if you’re going into a large pack. Finish a pack with combo point buff and only 3 combo points? Reroll. Spend more time rerolling between packs and keeping blade furry stacks from capping. Your biggest RNG is going to come from SS procs, so the less time to spend in blade flurry doing damage is going to hurt. It’s better to keep an unoptimal roll and open into a pack with the subpar buff than to reroll until the pack is dead. Also, make sure you use Wits. You didn’t post on your rogue, which is weird, but this will affect your damage much more than rolls.

For sure. I still use alacrity in M+ because the extra haste seems to pull ahead on huge pulls, but for ST in the raid? Loaded dice all the way. Our ST isn’t good enough to waste that many CP fishing for rolls.

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Not really an option considering that you literally sim for more damage by not having a talent selected than choosing slice and dice.

I would argue SND is better because it’s not RNG Hell and it’s more fun. But also, yeah, more consistent. I hate RtB. Even with all of the Azerite traits that supposedly buff RtB to not make it an RNG nighmare, I still hate RtB. A class shouldn’t need fixing through rent-an-ability gear in order to be playable.


I wish roll the bones had some type of protection like fire mage does with hot streak. I’ll have to look into the vision of perfection/loaded dice build (haven’t touched my outlaw in a while).

I don’t know if anything has changed as of recent, but anytime I simmed/used SND my dps dropped. It certainly felt cleaner from a priority standpoint.

I don’t know how it can sim randomness. You may get a good roll the first time or not at all during a fight.

As I suggested in my previous post, experiment with your talents. Talents used for raid content can be different that what you use for solo content.

I have three builds I use. One for raiding, one for questing, one for PvP. I use my quest build for doing visions because its setup for quick burst damage.

The point being, a build based on a raid sim probably isn’t the best build for doing visions.

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New reroll logic is going up, I was able to determine that rolling BS solo is an increase over RP.

It sims tens of thousands of pulls and gives you an average, that’s how.

I’m thinking of switching to outlaw soon… What is the actual priority for roll the bones? I hear so many conflicting answers. Is one buff outside of a few bad ones good most of the time? Seems like a lot of lost dps to keep rerolling.

Laughed at the title, lol. Yeah, god it’s bad class design. It’s like Blizz truly don’t understand, at the core of their very being, that “TOO MUCH RNG = BAD”.

People like a little RNG, but you get the balance wrong and they HATE it and RTB is a little too far at the moment.

You’d think it a simple concept. Atleast in raids the ST fights are long enough to somewhat average out, but you can still get screwed during opener/lust.

M+ it’s just so frustrating when you spend 50% the bosses health, and the whole lust, fishing for buffs and doing like 30k dps lol. Then another boss you hit constant 2’s and do 50k. It’s just dumb. Those that don’t know how Outlaw works can be like, dude wtf’s up with this rogue, lol.

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Fun facts.

#1. You only lose out average 1000 damage by not following reroll logic
#2. Rerolling is still highly solid because you’re still reducing your cool down on ability.
#3. Certain buff just happened to work really well with outlaw kit. Example would be RP because it’s directly boost your BtE chance to crit which will make up for lack of using dispatch. Another solid roll on ST is broadside if you have Deadshot.

Currently for ST fight, I do run 2 DS, 2 Ace, HoD and Blitz following the hold BS or double buff and it’s ahead of the meta RP largely due to broadside buffing pistol shot even further with Deadshot. Now my PS hit just 10k less than BtE.

I’m super glad SnD is no longer a thing because I rather to be brain dead playing sin than to play SnD.


You know, I wonder if RtBs is bugged. I also tend to roll the same buff over and over.

Use loaded dice and you will love RtBs. Can keep three buffs up almost all of the time.

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