*eyes turn black*

(Ellivara) #21

Definitely. That whole album is fantastic.

((The violence is the first song in the album, that’s why it’s showing that one. That’s the whole album though.))

(Raynell) #22

Honestly, I’m willing to give Blizzard a pass on this because it gives the Night Elves some desperately needed teeth in what has otherwise been a lot of toothless development for them.

(Anyaka) #23

For those of you who’re keeping track at home, Anyaka’s eyes are not actually going to turn black.

First, I like Anyaka being green.

And secondly, she’s enough of a rage monster to be fine the way she is. ELUNE, SHOW MY ENEMIES MERCY. FOR THERE IS NONE IN MY HEART.

I mean, except if you don’t want to fight. Then I have a picnic basket.

(Sef) #25

Not sure if you like going this far but alex misko’s percussive guitar cover of careless whisper is pretty out there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzgTMh21zhI

(Zenrao) #26

Just decided on a blood DK race. Thanks, boo.

I apologize I’m very sick atm

(Bruticus) #27

My Hunter is a black-eyed NElf now, it looks great I’ll die on this hill.

(Laurensa) #28

(Chonga) #29

Nelves now:

(Zandrae) #32

Have some Depeche Mode remix with instrumentals by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

(Taran) #33

Tbh the eyes look horrible on males due to it making them look like they are squinting. Can I just have silver eye options instead please lol

(Sarestha) #34

They’re squinting at the Forsaken all like

“HEY… I think those guys burned down our tree. Oh, wait. Yep. It was definitely them… I’m gonna go beat them up.”

Don’t ignore the lore reason for squinting :stuck_out_tongue:

… It is actually kinda annoying though. Why so squinty?

(Taran) #35

I think from my understanding the male nelf eyes by default are squinty but the glow covers it up and gives the illusion that their eyes are wider? So since the new eyes lack the glow they look squinty lol

(Laurensa) #36

Nelf dudes squinting like


/quietly restores nelf dk

(Darkor) #38

I see a Red Orc and I want to paint him black…

(Käyn) #39

Honestly it looks like Blizz just took a black magic marker and made a single pass over their eyes and said “Ta daaaaa! New nelf eyes.”

Like thanks, but no.

(Baihuai) #40

The inheriant, poor eyesight of male Kaldorei is the true reason behind Illidan Stormrage’s betrayal and eventual self mutilation. If only there were some clever race that could create vision augmentation gadgets.

Also, Kayn, you may want to take a closer look. The eyes are actually colored to look like a night sky - faded from black to deep blue, with a single highlight (the moon) in each orb.

“May the night conceal your hunting, and the moon illuminate your foes.”

(Sarestha) #41


I don’t actually care much about either race’s new options in all seriousness. I’d rather have more customisation options than less. So yay! It’s a good direction.

I just found it funny that an elf with new eye customisation was criticising new eye customisation for elves. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Windcharger) #42

Say what you want but I make this look good

(Käyn) #43

Im criticising how it looks. I personally dont feel like they did a good job with the eyes. Just looks like two muddled black spots instead of the clear cut and seemingly high definition new belf eyes.

If you like the new nelf eyes thats totally cool and everyone has their thing. Just its not mine.