<Eye of the Storm> Recruiting for 8.2

<Eye of the Storm> is looking for old-school raiders with limited time on their hands and new players who want to step up to raiding. We seek players who enjoy pushing difficult content, but do not have a lot of time on their hands (old hardcore raiders for whom life has overtaken their raid time, busy professionals who enjoy using WoW as a way to unwind).

We are comprised of former hardcore raiders from the Bonechewer server (Former Guild Name <Eye Of The Storm>) who escaped to a PVE server, back during the PVP/PVE divide - specifically right at the end of MoP/beginning of WoD. I have been GM of the guild since it’s inception in 2006 - through all the ups and downs. Our core has grown older and our time has been cut back throughout the years - but we still push progression as much as we can with the time we have each week. We have a core of about ~7 active members(2 dedicated tanks, 3 dedicated healers and a handful of DPS).

We currently raid Wednesday Evening/Night 9-12pm EST. We cleared Normal Dazar Alor and have been working our way through Heroic with a core group of players and adding PUGs to supplement our core raiders. PUG life has been cruel and we finally resolved that it is time to grow the guild again (hopefully with your help). We would love to step up to a full enough roster to power through Azshara’s Palace in 8.2.

<EOTS> also formally runs M+ Monday nights and Screw Around Sundays (usually transmog runs) and can be found online most nights of the week, especially on the weekend.

We are looking for like minded individuals who have limited time and want to spend the time they have trying to have some fun progressing in raids/M+. We welcome both older players and new players - old characters or newly raised up mains. We are all experienced players and welcome anyone who isn’t familiar with the current content and wants join us and learn.

Feel free to whisper Kristös (thats alt148 for the ö) here on Elune, or any of our other members (especially Anubiswillow, Snootiecookie, Hebestia) if you are interested.

We have been hosting pug raids every Wednesday 9-12 EST. If you see us in the group finder, feel free to apply and mention you saw this post. We look to be able to form raids comprised entirely of our members in 8.2 - so the pug raids will stop when we have a full roster.

Thanks for reading this post and hope to hear from you soon!

-Priest, Raid Leader, GM
<Eye of the Storm> - Elune