Extra "copy" of characters

hello, i logged into my accnt and found 1 of 2 copys of characters. 1 of a lvl 10 so i didnt think much of it.Then my lvl 120 mage that ive had since vanilla but its lvl 85… im very confused and ive tried searching for this issue with no luck. Help! please.

Could you clarify where you were logging in from, the game or the forums?

If in game, if logging in and out a few times doesn’t help, try resetting your UI.

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character screen. extra random copy of chars

If you’ve logged into the realm, and this persists - I’d put in a ticket.


ok thank you

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I’d also make sure that the launcher was shut down as well as the game before relogging.

But I’d wear a belt and suspenders if I could get away with it.