Explain processor on laptop to me

So right now I’m playing wow on a potato of a laptop . It’s an hp with 2.0 ghz quad core processor . It’s integrated graphics and it runs ok with wow on like a 3 (I get 30 fps)

I’m looking at a gaming laptop by Acer . Everything looks but the processor speed seems to only be a slight increase . The processor is amd ryzen 3550h and it says base processor speed is 2.1. Is this accurate ? Does that mean it will run wow only slightly better than my current laptop ?

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Since we have no idea what your current cpu is, we have no way to tell you what the difference might be,

Amd a6 5200

Improvements made every year increases efficiency since they sorta stopped focusing on just speed.

Try getting a laptop with a dedicated video card. Check YouTube out for videos that maybe show the CPU, video card gaming for the laptop you want.

Linus Tech TIps have a lot of reviews for gaming laptops, I can’t link things on these forums, but you can Youtube search, “Linus Tech Tips best gaming laptops” :slight_smile:.

That vs the ryzen chip, huge difference, if you were to get the laptop now, you’d actually have a night and day performance

Yes the ryzen chip is a huge upgrade. The ryzen processor is much better despite the similar clock speed(it does more with the same clock speed) and it has better integrated graphics.

Awesome thanks for the info . I read something about these newer models being able to run at a higher clock.

This old one did its job well enough . I upgraded the ram from 4 to 12 and it made wow playable . Caused a lot of blue screen of deaths though which I felt was odd. I’m getting this new one at a solid price .

dont cheap out if you can avoid it.

There are much better laptops for gaming out there.

Or you can just build a rig that will crush a laptop of similar cost.

what you have now is an old APU, it did both OK, but neither great…what you are getting now is a much MUCH!!! better CPU. that said, it is still very much on the lower end of things.

now what will really hinder you is if the new laptop doesnt have a discrete vid card, which with a cpu pairing like that i would doubt it. but either way even without a discrete the a6 5200 will do you well.

you might maybe even be able to overclock it, i cant really speak much on that though i don’t run mobile or APU’s

New one has Radeon rx 560 video card 4g version

Old one is Radeon r4 2g

i think you will pleased with the upgrade. the new apu is such an upgrade you honestly might be surprised.
the rx560 is yet again a huge upgrade.
one of my arma3 buddies plays on a system pretty similar, havent heard him complain that much

What is your budget?

My budget was around 400 right now , I got this laptop for 439

you already grab it? and do you know how to flash bios and/or overclock?

Yeah I got it . And no I have no idea how to do that .

Thoughts so far : it’s amazing for what I tried. I run wow now on a 9 and consistently get 70+ fps. Everything is fast and I feel I was depriving myself before .

I feel I need more ram though , a lot of games I wanna try when I run them through “can I run it” tells me I’m short on ram . It has 8 gig but only 6 is usable ? I’ll add more but I want to make sure I do it right …last time I added ram it ran great but It was constantly BSOD after I did .

Is there a way I can determine what ram I have so I can order another exact same one ?

Ended up getting a laptop myself. Some guy at a military town next to me bought a Predator Helios 8750H/GTX 1060/32GB/256GB NVME/1TB SSD and trading me that for an older AR15 I had. Been laying in bed playing WoW on the controller and hooking it up to my 120" projector in the living room.

That sounds amazing ! I used to have a decent desktop back around wotlk and then started a job where I traveled around a lot so I used budget laptops . This is the first time I’ve had a laptop that can run stuff at a decent level .

Belarc advisor (free) should be able to tell what ram you have, I used to use it for getting Windows 7 and office etc serials when I forgot what they were.

You can also try opening up the laptop and checking exactly what ram it is using and see if it’s one stick or 2 and of there’s a free slot to add another (usually they just have 2 slots with one being used).

Then you can either try matching another stick or buying 2 matching sticks and toss it in there. Should check on the laptop manufacturer site to make sure what type and speed works with it.