Experienced DK/Warlock LF Mythic Guild! 4/12M

Hello! I’ve mostly tanked During BFA but since 8.3 I have been playing Unholy in raids and I am greatly improving each week and potentially one of the best on ANY team whether tanking or as DPS (have some Frost DK parses, just waiting on gear tbh). I strive to be the best always improving my play and logs! I’m a good, dedicated person to my guild who is also willing to help in just about any way possible.

I can adequately play all 3 specs with confidence and results on either toon. I’m mostly playing Destruction on Warlock but dabble with Demonology. That toon is: Guldanko - Mal’ganis. Both toons are identical in gear/progress however Warlock needs a touch more practice if I decide to swap to him as my main.

Looking for Semi-hardcore Mythic Raiding Guild that is aiming for cutting edge this tier. TWO (2 only) nights per week starting anytime AT or AFTER 9pm eastern (That’s 7pm Mountain Time and pushing my schedule). Wanting a guild with some longevity and previous mythic raiding success. Hopefully Cutting Edge is the goal even if long term. Wishing to stay Horde and Mal’ganis but willing consider other options.

*Main Tank & DPS/RDPS experience in mythic raiding. 7/8M TEP, 7/9M BoD, 7/8M Uldir.

*Currently in NY’alotha 12/12N & 12/12H & 4/12M.

*2k+io experience for Mythic Plus Dungeons without even trying. (Currently about 1800+). I mostly focus on helping guildies push 15’s but pushing even higher this tier as rewards have improved.

*Also 1900cr PvP in season 3, (Currently 1800+) w/o really trying and also looking to push higher in season 4 for better rewards.

*DK is “The Faceless One” and has also carried a full 4 mask clear so far. Warlock is has only done a 3 mask clear but expecting a 5 mask this week.

***All Specs are 470++ilvl, 84 HOA neck, level 15 cloak with all essences rank 3.

NOTE: I will not be a part of a guild with certain loot rules. I’m not greedy but if a BOE miracle rank 3 corrupted loot item drops, I’m keeping it. Same with any trinket or item I deem BIS for any of my specs. I don’t expect my guild to fund me or gear me. In fact I argue that promotes laziness. People need to show up with food, flask, runes and gold for repairs if they are serious about progression. Same with gear and knowledge. Go farm it like I do. To me, that is a real team player. I’ll go to extremes to help people farm what they need. I love to participate and help my pals. I’m a very generous person and frankly give away more gear than I actually keep so far this expansion when it comes to raids and dungeons.

Thanks for reading. I’m not an jerk. I’ve had many great offers but I am very specific about what I want for my next forever home. I’m tired of changing guilds because many of the things I mention have caused them to fail or myself because I tried to alter my schedule. I actually have a very awesome guild but we are new (once again) and we’ve had attendance issues so I keep this post going. I’m not leaving them for some fly by night nonsense or whatever. It has to be pretty solid. So does the offer. Not looking for a bench spot or a “trial”. If my proven logs, experience and actual money (transfer) are not enough of a commitment, then we are not going to work out. I have no issues sitting for folks who need a kill on a boss that I don’t need gear on but I expect to be playing 95% of the time.

Contact: WarCry#11646 on bnet ot WarCry#6172 discord

Still looking!


Extenze(A-Sargeras) is looking for more to help round out our mythic roster. We are a laid back group of friends that are looking for more fun people to push mythic content with. Our goal is CE, and we are looking for more that can help us achieve that.

Right now, we are looking to bolster our roster for mythic Ny’alotha.
Currently we are 10/12H! We finished AEP at 5/8M and BoD at 6/9M.
Our schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday, 9pm-12am est.

On off nights, we like to do alt runs, run keys (gearing alts and/or pushing high keys), world PvP, BG’s, and dip our toes in about all forms of content.

Overall, we have a strong focus on our community. There are some players here that are amazing, and could easily join a top 100 US guild - but they stay because the atmosphere we’ve created here is really fun. Our community is something I’m proud of and is easily the greatest thing our guild has to offer, and we are always looking for more to share it with.

From reading your post, I got the vibe that this is something you are interested in too. We are looking to add another DK to our team, and I’d love to talk with your more about what we have to offer here. Add me on discord (JoeJ03#9450) if you are interested to learn more.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Illidan[H] REWIND


We are recruiting for core spot in mythic raiding. Currently 11/12N, 7/12H. we were 7/8M EP and 9/9M in BoD. Historically we were a 2 day guild and decided to move to 3 day guild starting in 8.3 We Have been together since the end of SoO.

Raid times

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7PM to 10PM EST (Need to be online 15 minutes before raid to do trash). After 2 month into the tier, we will drop to a 2 day schedule.

How to Apply

  • Apply here : forms.gle/PdjtB6pZ8GUe6vw8A

  • If you don’t put any effort in your app, probably shouldn’t app.

  • Don’t see your class or spec? No worries! Applications are always open, and every class, role, and spec is encouraged to app.


If you have any questions feel free to message any of the below (please note that adding someone doesn’t mean you won’t need to app :slight_smile:

Nietto : Mat#11420

Rawrlax : Snoarlax#1646

Asagami : Sasha#12635.

Still looking. =D Have some logs DPS and Tank.

Still looking! 12/12N 5/12H! Tank or DPS!

Hey Bone! If willing to check out alliance we would love to chat.

Astro [Proudmoore] [A] - 7/12 H Ny’alotha

· Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs: 10:00 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST

· Recruitment:

Tanks: None
RDPS: Open
Melee: War, WW, Rogue
Healers: MW/Resto Shaman

Please be aware that any exceptional player, regardless of class/spec will always be considered so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Regardless of role/position in the guild, there are no favorites. Consistently underperforming players will always be swapped out until they’ve proven themselves.

· Expectations:

To be apart of a successful mythic raid team and to achieve our goals, there are several things we expect of you as a player and things you should do to prepare, some of which are:

  • Being able to communicate on Discord
  • Reliability/Being able to maintain a 90% attendance and coming to raid prepared
  • Being able to stay up to date on boss encounters and the specifics of your class spec

· About Us

Astro is an alliance guild on Proudmoore with a goal of achieving CE. An important core value of ours is to clear content at a quick pace but to also enjoy doing it.

Interested in joining? Reach out to Juker#0034 or Mindset#0203 on Discord so we can chat!

If I can’t find anything perhaps I may consider an alliance change but hoping to stay Horde but who knows?

Still looking!

Hey dude were on thrall late night raiding guild we start at 2am EST. We went 5/8M EP. Raid Tuesday and Wednesdays. Would like to get CE this tier. Let me know if this would work for you?

Thanks for the reply but that is a little late. I’m still looking!

Bump! Still in need.

Got that AOTC!

The search continues!

12/12N-12/12H. Starting to hit some decent parses and can only get better! Looking for that forever home!

hi there! We are currently seeking a warlock for our roster. we’d love a chance to look over your logs and potentially interview

Malicious - area52 horde
currently, 3Mythic and 12/12 H

We are active in discord, run a lot of m+, some players do arenas and Rbgs. We are all mature adults. We have a respectful and communicative raid environment. We do invites and pull trash at 745pm and expect to be on the boss by 8 pm EST or sooner.

We are currently seeking:
★ prot paladin/ brewmaster - MEGA PRIORITY
★ boomkins - HIGH PRIORITY (capable offspec a bonus)
★ warlocks - HIGH PRIORITY

Being able to flex into other roles with capable Offspec is a bonus and highly encouraged.

we were 7/8Min EP.
Currently 3Mythic! 12/12H NWC

★ the beginning of a new tier and the end of the tier, we vote to add an extra day to help push CE and AOTC. Currently, weds have been added in the short term.
★ raid Tuesday & thusday 745pm EST to 11pm EST
★ we run a lot of m+
★ there are a few members that do arena and Rbgs

here are some of our standards & expectations:
★ HoA: 75+
★ heroic current content
★ Prog EP 5/8M or 7/9M BOD
★ Parse Avg 75-80% or better in Mythic
★ Must be open to constructive criticism, willing to adapt and be flexible.
★ post afk with ample notice (emergencies and some exceptions apply)
★ be ready with consumables and supplies
★ know/be familiar with the fight
★ complete a minimum of 1 M+ at 10/15 or higher, weekly

you may reach out to us via btag or discord
luna#14515 - recruiter
luna discord: Lunanyte#8544

Chris#111980 - GM/ raid lead
chris discord: Christopher#8411

Keystone Master! Still searching…

Still Searching but still getting better!

Any Openings?

Time for a bump! I am looking still!