Expac Delayed + Prepatch Oct 13th

Which means those of us with beta can now give more story/questline feedback regarding the lore to fix discrepancies, such as the Valkyr Problem, like we fixed with Faedra’s sinstone :smiley:


Well damned, that’s good news. This thing needed that extra time on several fronts.


Oh that is interesting …

Somewhere here or … mh not sure where, someone predicted this to happen.
Peobably a fluke.

But that is … rather unusual for Blizzard to say the least.
It is good probably so we won’t get a broken expansion, but also bad in terms of how much time they had for this expansion and are still not getting it done.


I mean anyone with beta access has been saying it. Everything is extremely buggy, and they overtuned the nerfs after they finished raid testing.

Not to mention the narrative incoherence.

Maybe if they listened to feedback and tuned earlier in development we wouldn’t be in this problem lol


Huh. Unexpected.

Good to have a date for the patch, though.

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Doesn’t bother me, we are still in the middle of a pandemic no matter how many schools thought they could open up again.

Glad they’ll have more time to work on everything.


I’m pleasantly surprised. Shadowlands clearly is not ready for launch, so I’m glad they’re taking the time they need to get things right.

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Just don’t announce a date if it is questionable. They announced it like what, a couple months ago?

What problem?


Chronicles heavily implies (IMO) that the Spirit Healers of Azeroth are Neutral Valkyr.

Shadowlands “reveals” the Spirit Healers of Azeroth are Kyrian Watchers part of the Temple of Purity.

This is easily reconciled by having the Neutral Valkyr be integrated into the Kyrians.


Someone suggest that we save those Night Elf souls instead of obliterating them. No unnecessary tragedy needed.


They could, but it’s not exactly the biggest retcon.


No, but it also provides context as to why the Kyrians call Helya a “vile witch” during the Covenant Campaign (ie recognize her)

2020 sure knows how to pile on the disappointment.

I mean the xpac is 100% not ready

I too am disappointed cuz launch was 3 days after my birthday so I was excited for one day with family friends party and one day with no-life-ing wow for an expansion I’m uniquely excited for and haven’t felt this way in many years for WoW

but like this is better


I want the expansion done and done right but damn I was looking forward to this. I’m so bored and Dragon Age 1 and 2 aren’t holding my attention well enough. :pensive:

Oh well…

This, i dont remember they missing a release date that was already anounced

I mean im just a little pet peeved, i get more time to do whatever on bfa like… level more alts but there are some people that took time off to play.

When was the last time they tried to put out an expansion during a pandemic when their employees were working from home?

They tried to keep to their normal beta cycle and they failed.

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Because the Marketing Team probably said they need an October release to synergize with Halloween Season in the US to maximize sales and give time for Christmas purchases, and Corporate Overlords sided with the Marketing Team over the Design Team


I’m glad it’s delayed. The Blizzard team is composed of people, and nobody should be expected to deliver on a timetable that doesn’t factor in the pandemic. Honestly, I wouldn’t be offended in the least if most video games in development got pushed back by six months.

Working under the stress of the apocalypse is hard.