Expac Delayed + Prepatch Oct 13th

Not an excuse theyre not an small company anymore, as i said personally for me is a minor inconvenience but some people really got screwed over, gotta compensate people or lose clients else it will look like they basically conned people to buy a sub for release but pushed back the date just to steal their money, id wager they got some fine print that sub time is not refundable.

Time for them to put the big boy pants on.

Shadowlands being delayed is the best WoW news I have heard since well… Classics announcement i believe.

Absolutely nobody who has been paying attention to the development cycle will think this


¯_(ツ)_/¯ some people dont care about that, specially if you feel you got screwed over by a company, i dont expect an emotional reaction to something like this to be logical.

Which is why they have to make their shareholders happy. They can’t just push back a release date or release an expansion whenever they want without consequences.

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I regard this as solid news, even if I was looking forward to it coming up on the eve of my birthday.

BFA was released with a ‘we’ll fix it in post’ sort of mentality that severely damaged the game. Azerite Armor was never fun and whole features like the warfronts and expeditions felt half baked, incomplete and ultimately barely relevant when it was all said and done.

And really I don’t know how well WoW could weather another BFA. I miss the Blizzard that wouldn’t release things until they were ready and it’s nice to see a return to that attitude.


Just started the opening scenario, but I disliked how like the first hostile NPC in the Maw started throwing around the insult “mortals” like he’s been doing it all his life. Isn’t this like the first time living things have been in the Maw, and most of them are death knights.

Its the obligated, demeaning encompassing term antagonists like to shout, i would counter i still have my meatsuit, hopeless bag of soulstuff.

Mawsworn come to Azeroth during prepatch (which also, doesn’t make sense)

The newest Smash Bros. character is Minecraft…

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The reaction to this news that I’ve seen across multiple platforms was overwhelming positive. Some people were understandly a bit miffed as they’d already taken the time off work but that is a small price to pay to actually get a finished product.

Maybe some people feel conned. But really I’m not exactly worried about them. The greater sin would be releasing another broken product. And some of the bugs I’ve heard of are legitimately game breaking.


Those two things you mentioned arent mutually exclusive, its not like they HAD to offer a release date, specially with all the feedback they got, they screwed up, that is why you offer compensation when you screw up you gotta own your mistake we arent exactly on a charity here so yea… tough luck if you are currently subbed and expected a timely release date, sucks to be you am i rite? but nah keep that sweet dough coming tho i bet they really appreciate it.

lol i almost feel sorry for the guys that are doing overtime because a choice made by up on the ladder.


It doesn’t seem surprising. With all the issues people are up in arms about, I would have been more surprised if it went out on time. And I am not fussed. Better to delay it and work on potential problems than release it too soon.

Tying it with Halloween would have been cool and added to a spooky vibe, but, what can you do.

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This is good news.

But why are they rolling out the prepatch so soon?

think of it as a content patch

a bunch of rares, one world boss, repeatable quests for xmog, ability to level more toons more easily, etc

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It’ll also push more people into old content to help them find scaling issues, which is always good.

As much as I would have liked to have had Shadowlands to hide in during the election drama llama, this is for the best. I’d rather have a clean polished expansion to have fun with. There are other games to dive into while the real world is being stupid.

I had already programmed my vacations around it. Now I have to see if there’s a chance to change them. What a lovely news for me :cry:

I’m jonesing for new lore to speculate on, I hope we get a surprise cinematic soon or something. The way that release was worded makes me think it will be even longer before the actual pre-patch story content goes live.

Ah well, another month of “does anyone else Sylvanas?” threads … :neutral_face: :beer:

The pre-patch is after Sylvanas beat Bolvar and tore a whole in the sky to the Maw.