Existing characters should be able to convert to pandaland

Or at the very least, give us a good XP buff in the regular game. I have so many level 60’s I want to level before the expansion, and we haven’t had a leveling event in a while. Not letting us transfer/use them in the remix was a mistake, I don’t need more characters(I currently have 60 characters) I just want to finish leveling the last few I haven’t yet.


Level characters in Pandaland and move them to Retail.


Yeah I’m not doing another grind that requires me to stop playing my characters I like

Plunderstorm ruined that for me


Isn’t there like as much as a 85% xp buff in DragonIsles during Darkmoon Fair?

I think the lowest level reward (so far that I would know) you can access is level 17 (the event starts at level 10). Could make small goals. :memo::robot:

Its a limited time even with lots of cosmetic rewards meant to be fun. You really think they are going to make it difficult to level quickly?

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Right now, I wouldn’t really say leveling is fast for your first toon. I’m sure it’ll be better for alts…but it’s currently pretty slow unless you are farming LFR.

Right now I’m at about 9 hours and I’m at level 35. While there are people doing it much more efficiently than I am, I would bet that my speed is what casual players should expect.

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As far as we know, THIS IS the leveling event. Delete a 60, get it to 70 in Remix, then delete the next and repeat.

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Can’t. From my understanding it forces you to start new characters at level 10 for the Panda thing, so I can’t level them in Pandaland.

How about no? I don’t want to delete my already existing characters. I just want to finish leveling them.

And once the event ends the characters you leveled will be moved to the regular game.


I have a question about names. I’m not sure if it’s been answered already. If you reserved a name on Timerunning mode, will it also reserved the name on Retail, or no chances?

There is no separate server pool. You create them on any existing server you want. They don’t move when the event ends, they just turn into normal characters on that server.

Ok then explain exactly how it works and post evidence to that. And then post evidence that the official posts are no longer true somehow.

Continuing the discussion from Pandamonium clarification:


That’s exactly how it works. You pick a server to create your character on, and after the event is over the character reverts back to a normal retail character on that server.

On the PTR you can even see event and non-event characters listed together on the character select screen.


OK my mistake. I misunderstood how it works. I thought it was going to work like Plunderstorm then at the end of the event you choose which server the character goes to.

Nah. When you make a new character on any server, it gives you the option of making it a traditional character or a Pandamonium character. That’s how you opt into the event

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Thanks for the info. That makes much more sense than the way I thought it was going to work. :person_facepalming: :rofl:

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Timerunning? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What’s next, Timesprinting? TimeJumping? Time marathon? Time Olympics?

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That’s why I got confused in the first place. Timerunners and retail characters can be on the same realm, and yet they’re in different mode. I wasn’t sure if names taken works on both.

You can’t, only new characters can access timerunning, which is why she’s asking to let other characters into Timerunning for faster leveling.

Maybe make it a perk of leveling your first toon from 10 to 70 in Timerunning - you can access timerunning on other characters you’ve already made or something, but lock them out of retail until the event ends as a compromise.