Execution Sentence doesn't make crits

Hi everyone,

Since Blizzard made the hotfix changes, the ability feels buggy, Execution Sentence can’t make crits, it’s so weird.

In the patch notes they just removed the damage modifiers, doesn’t mention nothing related to the crits; the crits should still work, but it doesn’t.

I hope Blizzard can take a look to the spell.

I also have some ideas that Blizzard can implement it to improve the spell, because it feels way below from Final Reckoning.

  • Add it to the Blades of Light talent so it does Holystrike damage.
  • And make it does crits :stuck_out_tongue:

They took away it’s ability to crit in SLs because it would just murder someone. I also don’t think it’s good if it could crit, would provide too much variance, if you are unlucky and don’t crit on your ES that’s a huge loss of damage, so it should be either always crits or never crits, and they picked the latter.

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