Excited for faeline stomp retexture

I can’t be the only one who’s obsessively checking wowhead and the PTR to see when they release the next set of their shadowlands abilities visual updates…

I know they’re gonna redo faeline… i just know it…

/huffs copium

I really kind of hope they change the shape of it too, and like… the entire functionality…

Too much to ask for? :grin:


Celestial Stomp. Default to Jade/green, glyphs for Red/Yellow/White variations just like lighting.



Honestly I just don’t want to see the blue nature tendrils lol. But it could be so much better …

They should make it like something related to our buddy dave … because he’s an ox and oxen stomp!

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I saw some effects pngs someone posted, if those precede it will be like a jade tint.

I wonder if they wikl change the name and flavor text of skills? Way less effort than changing the effects and it would be interesting

I sure hope they do … it would make sense …

“Ox stomp” or something with a cracked ground visual and turn it into like cracks with mist leaking out of them.


They should just remove it. Someone else had a great rant somewhere on Reddit that why does the mobile marital arts class revolve around sitting in a death and decay / consecration knock off in a time when they are removing that on other classes and why is the cap stones plopping down statues on a mobile class. The class fantasy and direction of this class has been awful since the dev that created it left.


I absolutely agree that it should be removed. This is me just hoping for anything better than that thing existing in its current form lol.


i like to pretend that faeline’s reworked animation not being there means faeline is going away instead of monk just being later on the production line.


Personally I’ll just stop giving feedback about improving FS so it doesn’t look like I’m asking for another band-aid. It was a bad idea when they added it and still is.


Personally, I like the coloration of Faeline Stomp. The blue is a nice change of pace from the normal green of most of our abilities. That said, I would totally support a glyph that changed the colors for folks that want it.

Honestly, I think it should branch out in a circle like a bunch of lightning bolts, or at least in a cone shape in front of us. It would give us a lot more places to stand, which is one of the big complaints about it.


Skill is already beautiful. I would prefer to get it baseline or get it removed. I dont see why we still have that skill where we have to stand in it to refresh when mage lost their Mage rune because mage should be able to move when ever they feel like … as a magic caster sound right to me


As long as they have a Glyph that allows us to change the color back to Blue, it’s all good with me.

white would be so cool.

I’d rather see it removed entirely, but a reskin would be nice in the mean time. Genuinely one of the worst monk abilities ever conceived, horrible stuff

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I would take faelinecstomp forever if i could remove xuen honestly.

Hopefully there’s a name change as well where it’s Chi-based and not fae-based

Wowhead has posted some of the new textures, including Faeline Stomp:

More New Animations for Covenant Talents in Patch 10.2.5 - Faeline Stomp, The Hunt, Spear of Bastion - Wowhead News

I’m going to miss the old one. It was at least pretty. And why is the new one a snake?

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It does look cool. Too bad the play style is super boring and restrictive.

It’s a jade serpent


Yeah, I suppose it could be a jade serpent, a la Yu’lon. If so, it should have a head.

Actually, is should be lightning, but whatever…

New animation looks more appropriate for a monk but it definitely needs a name change now.