Evoker Tank - Fortification

If they really wanted, DK could have been a 2 spec class…

Hero classes should differ from normal classes.

Also we already got 2 tanking hero classes why do we need a 3rd…

There are 6 specs on 6 classes that can tank.
There are 6 specs on 5 classes that can heal.
There are 9 specs on 5 classes that are caster.
There are 13 specs on 9 classes that are melee.
And there is hunter… With 2 physical range specs. (Counted survival under melee)

Where exactly is tank the least represented?

Not going to answer that question, because it is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how many tanking hero classes we already have. What matters is what makes sense for the class, and what makes sense for Evoker is Heal/Caster/Tank.


What makes sense to players and what makes sense in the lore are 2 very different topics…

Btw why does it make sense?
Just because they are dragons? Well they aren’t at least no full dragons.
They are an experiment …

In the end it come to the big question if the race shouldn’t be opened to other classes.

Afaik blizz said they are looking into it and it might happen later on.

Here is the thing though my friend, most people that invisions a dragonkin tank imagines them in heavy armor with a sheild and a weapon…

and what class already have that? Warrior.

They need to open up classes to dracthyr, not add another spec to an evoker.

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… how? It was literally just created with no existing precedent explicitly and solely designed as a ranged DPS/healer. They overtly said if they add another spec, it will be ranged DPS or heals. Tanking does not factor in at all.


To unashamedly hawk my own thread again, this is the solution that will appease the most people:

Dragon tanks? Check.
Bulky playable dragons? Check.
Dragons with sexual dimorphism? Check.

The only people that this won’t appeal to are those that are hyper-focused in on having Evokers and/or Dracthyr tank for some undiscernible reason, even if the draconic tank fantasy can still be fulfilled in another way.

Moreover, this would also ensure that Dracthyr nor Evokers are contorted into something that they were never intended to be. Whether or not you enjoy their implementation, they do have a clear identity and vision. Inflating them to Drakonid proportions or making them facetank like an overeager Mage would compromise that.


I haven’t seen anyone say a word about needing them to be in heavy armor… And a Mail armor Tank would be good… and shield? Only 2 of our 6 tank specs use shields, clearly a shield is not required for tanking. Weapon? Sure they could use a weapon, or… they can play into the DRAGON aspect and use claws, teeth, tail, and fire. You know THE THINGS PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN ASKING FOR.

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Evoker’s currently do not carry sheilds.
As for mail armor tanks, if that ever would be a thing, it should be on a class that can be more races, not just on the dragon class.

Each tank used to have a niche, also when ever you see a dragon tank, or fighting in melee, they are always accompanied with a shield. It’s part of the fantasy.

Ok, so unlock monks for them then.

You don’t speak for everyone. Not everyone is asking for that.


all hero class means is you start at a higher level so i dont get your fixation with hero classes only needing 2 roles in every thread you are in. We also got 2 hero tank classes because when DKs came out there was an extreme tank depravity and when DH came out it was a fitting role (and i still argue they should have gotten a 3rd range spec or a 2nd tank/mele spec). Like literally there is no difference between a hero class and any other class other than it starts at a higher level and usually requires a max level character on that account when they first launch. Also to invalidate your other point, when you add evoker as is then tanks move to the bottom of the list in terms of ratio of specs for that role, the only thing you are actually right about is that mele have the most specs per role and you also fail to address that there is a hybrid healer that bases its healing on damage done which is a unique playstyle and fantasy. And really you think MM is not a caster? because last i checked about 80% of their damage comes from a 2 sec long cast, sure it does physical damage but they still have to stand still and cast like every other caster. Not to mention arcane shot is “magic” damage.

Frara your arguments would be valid if the discussion was about removing one of the specs evokers get for a tanking spec, but in reality thats not what we are discussing. YOU dont want evoker tanks but offer 0 valid reasoning for why they shouldn’t be able to tank, especially as a new niche tank being a mid range caster. You agree Dracthyr should be able to tank but not evoker and your only argument is because blizzard wants them to be caster. Can you breathe fire as a dracthyr prot war? can you hover as a dracthyr prot pally instead of charging in on your pony? not the same is it

He never said he speaks for every one but he is right that a significant sample of the player base IS asking for it

Evoker tank would be fulfilling a brand new niche not currently offered by any other tank, that is a mid range caster tank (doesnt mean you have to be at range to cast and tank but you ccould pump threat at range as well as control mobs). Also what fantasy land do you live in, because dragons dont need shields or swords to blast you as they fly in ans tail smash your face in.

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They don’t need to be tanks to do that, either.

So please share why evokers should not have a 3rd spec and have that 3rd spec be a tank. You dont need to be resto shaman to cast healing surge so remove resto shaman (this is your logic)? Please give a valid specific argument. Ill help you out a little, dragons do not fit a tank fantasy because…

So far the only valid argument i have come across that goes against evoker tanks is that competitive top tanks would need to level and maintain 7 tanks for prog incase its the meta. Everything else is literal nonsense or someone wanting to play a different class as a dragon which is not the discussion or topic at hand.


Dracthyr Evokers are not dragons in full. They were designed, from the ground up, to fulfill a draconic caster role.

I’m all for having playable Drakonids with access to tank classes. But Evokers just aren’t appropriate for the role. It’s like those people that were demanding that Demon Hunters get a healing or caster spec: it’s just not a part of the fantasy that is covered by the class. That doesn’t mean that the overall thematic is inappropriate to the role: only that the specific implementation is.

Dracthyr Evokers not being appropriate as tanks does not mean that dragons of any sort would not be appropriate as tanks.


Yeah, no, bad idea. Kite tanks won’t work with this kind of game, otherwise every caster would be doing that and melee tanks wouldn’t be brought into the game.

ok fair, let me rephrase, why do you specifically believe that evokers should not or cannot be tanks? You say they aren’t appropriate but that’s not reasoning, that’s just a stand alone statement. We are not discussing a future class 3 xpacs from now, we are discussing adding a 3rd spec to a new class that we know we are getting this next xpac. Here is some more examples, Evokers should tank because…
There are no caster themed tanks in the game and will introduce an new niche and playstyle
There are no mail tanks in the game
It gives lust to a role that does not provide it; further helping out forming groups for M+
There are no intellect based tanks in the game
It thematically makes sense for a dragonoid creature artificially made or not to destroy enemy defenses and pester crowds of enemies flying back and forth through them


Like a Monk you mean?

Actually you will be able to breath fire and tail sweep… Also there is still soar. All are racials and not part of Evoker. Yes evoker will utilize them better but in the end they are racials.

Why would you need hover?

Dracthyr evoker are no full dragons…
They walk upright and expose the weak/soft belly.
They can’t transform into a dragon form.

And as said before fire breath and tail sweep are racial abilities.

Also Monks can breath fire… Sweep the enemy, attack with claws (ok fists)

So Dracthyr monk would be a great addition.


did you miss my last part and half quote me, because you will be in mele and ou will need some skill to deal with that as you fly back and forth through mobs. Or it could be as simple as channeling disintegrate pushes enemies back a little and causes a frontal absorb shield to mitigate some damage. Think big, might be hard but there are various options already designed or that can be designed to make it work, instead some peopl, cough cough, just say it wont work

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Because they aren’t. That’s really all there is to it.

They were not designed for this role. They were specifically conceived to not tank.

You may as well be upset that Priests can’t tank, even though we see Light-based characters tanking. While it is certainly true that we see Light-based characters in a tanking role elsewhere, it just isn’t appropriate for Priests. Priests tanking would be missing the point of being a Priest. The solution for wanting a Light-based tank isn’t to contort the Priest concept to make it fit a new role. It is to add an alternative that fulfills that Light-based tanking fantasy.

Just as the desire for a draconic tank is legitimate, but the assertion that an Evoker tank is the solution to that desire is not.

You can already do this. In the DPS role.

Any dragon baised tank/melee fantasy can already be covered with existing classes.

Axe and shield using dragonkin? warrior, paladin

Claw/ kicks and sweeps? monks.

Even death knights can cover the spear using dragonkin as a tank fantasy.

There is no need nor reason for the evoker (aspect powered dragon class) to provide those roles.

Heck, we could even give them druidism (which is normally associated with the green flight) for bear bites and claws. Just make their bear form look draconic.

Nope, because you’d be moving around allot you’d be kiting the mobs more so then other tanks. If tanking was that easy to just kite the boss everywhere, we won’t need tanks at all.